Flash Battery announces strategic partnership with Atech


Less than a year from the agreement with EFA France, Flash Battery has started another international partnership strategically focused on further developing the German-speaking markets, which today account for 30% of the exports of the Sant’Ilario-based company, a leading producer of lithium batteries for industrial machinery and electric vehicles. 

The collaborative agreement was signed a few weeks ago between Flash Battery and Bavarian Atech GMBH – one of Europe’s big players in the electrification of industrial battery-powered vehicles – which can now boast latest-generation lithium batteries in its own range, perfect for industrial applications across the core sectors of the German company: goods handling, manufacturing industry, building construction, agriculture, light- and heavy-duty electric vehicles, nautical applications, aerial work platforms and industrial robotics. 

“Together we are especially looking to cater to the German, Austrian and Swiss markets”, says Marco Righi, CEO and founder of Flash Battery, a recent recipient of an award from Italian president Sergio Mattarella, for the results achieved in the area of research and innovation. “In these markets, small and medium-sized companies, as well as bigger companies, are increasingly more focused on having only one partner for powertrain systems.

“Atech is the partner of excellence to strengthen our presence in very demanding markets, where an in-depth knowledge of the sector is required for project development, including at the prototype level. In fact, it is at this level that the skills and experience that our companies accumulated in the sectors in which we share an interest (agriculture, AGV, EWP, GSE, specialty machinery) integrate.”

“For Atech, the collaborative agreement with Flash Battery means, first and foremost, to rely on ultra-high quality and highly customised products that integrate perfectly with the products we represent in the market today such as inverters, battery chargers, electric motors, DC contactors, gearboxes,” says Anton Eberharter, CTO and managing director of the company founded in 1987 by Helmut Gäbelein. “As of today, we will be able to respond to our customers’ electrification demands in an effective way, offering complete power train solutions”. 

“This agreement will enable us to serve the German-speaking markets, offering electric vehicle manufacturers, logistics, construction and agrifood companies, and industry in general complete packages for making the transition from internal combustion to hybrid and to full-electric,” says Righi.

Already a ‘Growth Champion’ among Italian companies according to the German Institute for Finance and Quality, Flash Battery aims at further solidifying its leadership in the sector to keep up the pace of 2020, during which, despite the negative impact of the pandemic, it recorded revenues of more than 14 million euros, up 5%, and increased its workforce to more than 60 employees, up 25%. 

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