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German-based Würth Elektronik ICS has developed and produced customer-specific solutions for power distribution, signal transmission, and function control in mobile machines and commercial vehicles for over 20 years. These solutions are used by many well-known manufacturers and stand out thanks to their compact design, robustness, durability, and economic efficiency.

For customers who also place special emphasis on modularity, short development times, and a housing that protects against environmental influences, Würth Elektronik ICS has developed a platform concept for power distribution solutions: REDline Power Boxes.

The increasing number of functions in mobile machines and commercial vehicles over the last few years has further reduced the already limited installation space available in vehicles. Electrification and demand for more functionalities create the needs for additional loads that need to be controlled, supplied with power and protected. On the other hand, OEM need to ensure easy maintenance and high serviceability in order to minimise equipment downtime.

One solution to this challenge is the integration of compact power and signal distributors that simultaneously assume control functions and can be installed at different locations in the vehicle. In mobile machines, these units are exposed to demanding environmental conditions such as high temperatures, vibrations, dust, and humidity. Würth Elektronik ICS responded to its customers’ challenges by developing a box platform solution called REDline Power Boxes, which also offers them an economical and flexible concept.

Customer configuration in standard housing

REDline Power Boxes combine a customer-specific PCB with a standard housing. The standardised housing allows the development time to be reduced and ensures consistent cost control for the entire duration of the project.

All the boxes exhibit impressive durability and robustness. Their high IP protection classes ensure resilient protection against environmental conditions and enable the devices to be installed in various positions in the vehicle. All REDline Power Boxes are “connectorised” enabling fast connection to the cable harness in production and easy and efficient maintenance if the product has to be replaced.

The platform concept of the REDline Power Boxes is the perfect solution for implementing a range of different requirements and applications. This means, the customer can choose from a variety of available standard boxes and select a suitable solution in the right size. The PCB inside the box is configured individually according to the customer’s requirements. The number and size of the power inputs, the number of pins, and the directions of the connectors’ output can also be individually customized. REDline Power Boxes portfolio consist currently of five boxes: Twin, Hybrid, M Plus, Medium and Mini. More information to the each REDline Power Box you can find under www.we-online.com/redline

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