UniCarriers Platinum RPX Series provides reliability, durability and operator comfort


UniCarriers Americas Corporation’s (UCA) Platinum RPX series of walkie/rider pallet trucks offers consistent, reliable performance across a variety of harsh working conditions. The 5.2hp, AC-powered RPX series walkie/rider pallet truck is available in 6,000- and 8,000-lb capacities, and is ideal for manufacturing, grocery and various warehousing operations. 

The RPX’s fork design features UniCarriers’ unique, push-type linkage and rugged tie rods to absorb high impact shocks caused by uneven floors, while alloy steel fork slides facilitate pallet entry and exit, eliminating the need for costly replacement of entry rollers and discs. An optional automatic fork leveler feature prevents fork dragging and costly maintenance expenses that may result. Sealed switches and logic boards paired with its brushless, heavy-duty AC drive motor also make the RPX a low-maintenance solution. 

The rugged pallet truck’s standard equipment includes sealed switches, thermal cut-back and shut-down, an epoxy-coated control board, and an IP65-rated sealed controller – allowing it to operate across a variety of environments, from general ambient temperature warehouses to wet rooms and even freezers as cold as -20°F. 

All lubrication points are accessible from the top of the lift truck – an important advantage for reducing service time. Its scratch-resistant, powder-coat paint finish with optional stainless steel linkage pins and axles provide durable, long lasting operation. 

The RPX series pallet truck steer handle features a light, spring-loaded design that requires less operator effort for comfortable, efficient performance. Engineered for comfort and control, driver experience is enhanced with fingertip speed and directional controls, an ergonomic, padded high-speed handrail, smart electronic brake and the largest operator platform in the industry that includes a soft, anti-fatigue surface. 

“UniCarriers is committed to providing lasting reliability, increased productivity and excellent overall value to its customers,” said Mark Porwit, director of marketing and product management for UniCarriers Americas. “From order picking to dock work, RPX pallet trucks are designed for dependable, rugged performance to give our customers a productivity boost, while satisfying the operator’s need for comfort and control.”

Several options are available on the RPX series for improved picking efficiencies, including Coast Control and a Sidetracker feature, which keeps truck speed at a controlled pace allowing the operator to walk beside the truck while performing low-level order selection.

August 20, 2015


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