Hyster to offer side battery exchange on electric trucks


Hyster is introducing easy side battery exchange to its electric counterbalance trucks. The exchange process, available as an option on selected 1.5 ton to 3.5 ton vehicles in the range, takes just a few minutes to complete and helps multi-shift applications.

“The new side battery extraction option is simple and convenient and will suit many manufacturing and logistics applications,” said Phil Ireland, senior product manager, counterbalance solutions, Hyster. “Battery exchange on the trucks is fast and efficient in order to minimize downtime and help keep trucks working for longer.”

The new method means the company now offers five different ways of doing the battery exchange on 48V and 80V electric forklifts varying in price and suitable for differing infrastructures.

At the same time, Hyster is also launching a powered battery exchange stacker, the S2.4 HBE, to meet the needs of customers with no existing infrastructure to equip them to carry out battery exchange.

The battery sits in a battery tray which is lifted in and out of the counterbalance truck as one. The battery and tray can then be placed down on to a battery stand while it is recharged. This convenient option, which still works when a lift-truck is at full tire wear, ensures that exchange can be achieved in just a few minutes.

“Whatever equipment you may already have to extract your battery, there is now a tough Hyster electric truck to match those needs,” Ireland added. “This new option of side battery exchange allows applications to specify both the right choice of truck and the best battery extraction method for their facility.”

July 7, 2017

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