Enhanced valve range saves energy


Webtec, a UK-based hydraulic measurement and control company, is extending its range of three-port flow control valves while simultaneously improving their efficiency by up to 33%, thereby making hydraulic systems run cooler while also using less energy.

The VFD range of flow control valves, which are ideal for regulating the speed of hydraulic motors while also splitting a single input flow into two so as to power a second system, will be capable of regulating flows from 5 l/min up to 150 l/min, all at pressures up to 420 bar.

The VFD family also offers superb pressure compensation, ensuring the priority flow is virtually unaffected by variations in pressure on either of the downstream circuits, unlike many competitive valves.

In a further addition to the range, the most popular 120 l/min range of VFD flow control valves will also be available with a remote proportional control option, utilizing a motor drive mounted on the valve that can be controlled from the cab of a vehicle either using a potentiometer or analogue signal.

April 8, 2016


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