Strenx 700 MC Plus Easy upgrading to stronger and lighter steel products


Strenx 700 MC Plus allows manufacturers to fast-forward the development of new high-performance equipment. This steel range is targeted particularly at the lifting, transport, and agricultural segments.

The combination of steel strength and workshop behavior is crucial when upgrading to stronger steel. High-strength steel must be easy to cut, bend and weld in the workshop. Fast and trouble-free production is key to keeping production costs down.

Strenx 700 MC Plus fulfills the need for both strength and workshop properties. All of its relevant performance indicators outperform those of traditional steel. Strenx 700 MC Plus is available in both sheet and tubular formats.

All this allows for an easy upgrade from 350 MPa steel to Strenx 700 MC Plus. Manufacturers can enjoy the benefits of stronger steel without having to compromise on ductility, formability, weldability, or impact toughness—even at temperatures as low as -60°C, regardless of the rolling and testing direction.

New opportunities to replace S690QL standard grades

Strenx 700 MC Plus is available up to a thickness of 12mm and a width of 1500mm. By upgrading from the S690QL standard to Strenx 700 MC Plus, customers get a steel with tighter dimensional tolerances, improved flatness and bendability, and a lower carbon equivalent for better welding properties.

SSAB support for upgrades

As with all SSAB grades, Strenx 700 MC Plus is produced using exceptionally clean steel. Sheet and tubular products are inspected at several points during production to ensure they comply with the rigorous quality requirements for mechanical properties and dimensions.

SSAB’s material specialists and technical support resources can assist customers through joint development projects in design and production methods, choice of materials, technical calculations, and workshop recommendations.

April 15, 2016

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