Cat adds optional performance-enhancing features to its D8T dozer


A high-performing Cat dozer, the D8T, now includes optional performance features to increase productivity and deliver value.

The productivity-enhancing options, designed to save customers time and money, include a new, larger semi-U (SU) bulldozer blade, performance cutting edges, extended life undercarriage, powered bottom guards and remote control command for dozing.

Measuring 13.4 yd3 (10.3 m3), the new SU blade is larger and delivers 19% more capacity over the standard D8T blade. The optional blade allows the bulldozer to move more material per pass for productivity gains of up to 13% more than the standard blade.

New patented performance cutting edges deliver a cutting action that increases blade load mass by up to 25%, so the machine can move more material per pass. Offering easier material penetration in moderate rock or hard/frozen ground applications, these edges allow the dozer to work faster and more efficiently and reduce ‘skating’ in difficult-to-penetrate materials. Performance cutting edges dig deeper and improve blade control, load retention and traction. Ripping can be reduced in some cases, and the on-plane system enables finish grading for added versatility. Interchangeable with traditional edges, performance cutting edges offer equal wear life/life-cycle costs to standard cutting edges, with no mid-life edge flip or end bit replacement required.

To reduce maintenance downtime, enhance safety and facilitate machine clean-out, contractors can opt for powered bottom guards on the underside of the D8T. After bolts are removed, the doors open hydraulically via a remote switch. The doors can be opened in the center for fast, easy debris clean-out, or from one side for full maintenance access. 

New D8T dozers can now be ordered ready for remote control. Substantially increasing operator safety and productivity when working in applications with steep slopes or unstable surfaces, optional Cat connect command for dozing offers remote control machine operation. Choose an over-the-shoulder operator console for line-of-sight remote-control operation from up to 437.4 yd (400 m) away, or, a remote operator station offers both line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight remote control operation.

A new, fully-suspended heavy duty extended life undercarriage provides D8T customers with an added option to reduce undercarriage costs, especially in high abrasion conditions. Heavier bushings provide 30% more wear life compared to standard bushings. The patented crowned ‘dura’ link is hardened for long life and reduces idler scallop wear for improved ride after 50% link wear. Matching component life makes maintenance easier.

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