CAT 352F is big but not thirsty


The new Cat 352F hydraulic excavator, with a variable-gauge undercarriage, has a maximum operating weight of 53,300kg and is powered by a Cat C13 ACERT engine meeting EU Stage IV emission standards and having a net power rating of 317kW (ISO 9249).

The 352F’s pilot-operated hydraulic system, with a maximum flow of 770 l/min delivers powerful digging and lifting forces, as well as ample power for hydromechanical work tools. The 352F features heavy-duty main structures for long-term durability, a spacious operator’s station, simple routine maintenance, and fuel-saving systems that reduce operating costs in a range of applications, including quarry, road-building, and heavy earthmoving.

Fuel-saving features include three power modes – high, standard, and economy – that allow the operator to select an engine-operating speed to match the application. In addition, an automatic engine-speed control adjusts engine RPM to match the machine’s operating load, and an idle shutdown system stops the engine after a pre-set idling interval. These systems also reduce emissions and extend service intervals. The C13 ACERT engine’s emissions controls are transparent to the operator and cause no interruption of work cycles.

The hydraulic system is designed with major components in close proximity – an arrangement that allows shorter connecting tubes and hoses to reduce frictional losses and pressure reductions, resulting in reduced loading on the system for added fuel savings. The main control valve is designed to respond proportionally to control-lever movement for precise controllability of hydraulic functions.

In addition, electrically controlled regeneration circuits for the boom and stick cylinders reduce the volume of oil required from the main pumps, thus reducing engine load, saving fuel and further enhancing controllability. Available couplers and auxiliary hydraulic circuits expand the capability of the 352F by equipping it to handle an extensive range of Cat work tools.

The booms and sticks are fabricated with premium steel plate and use high-strength castings and forgings in high-stress areas. Fitted with the heavy-duty 6.9-m reach boom and 3.5m stick, the 352F has a maximum digging depth of 7,510 mm. An available mass-excavation boom can be paired with either of two sticks and is designed to deliver high production in large-scale earthmoving and heavy-material applications.

Proven heavy-duty construction of the 352F’s upper frame, carbody, and track frames ensures structural durability in the most severe applications, and the upper frame incorporates special mountings to support the heavy-duty cab. The variable-gauge undercarriage – featuring massive track roller frames and high-tensile-strength-steel components – provides both a wide, stable working base and a reduced shipping width. The track chains are grease-lubricated to reduce undercarriage noise and internal pin-and-bushing wear, thus extending undercarriage life.

August 20, 2015

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