Camso launches two next-generation skid steer tires


Tire and wheel manufacturer Camso has announced it is launching two new tires for skid steers: the Camso SKS 753, which provides versatility and optimal durability on mixed and hard surfaces; and the Camso SKS 532, which delivers superior traction on soft soil surfaces.

The construction industry has evolved over the years. General jobs have become more specialized and the skid steer’s versatility has been able to respond to this reality. As applications become more specialized, so should the tires that work in them. 

Building on past innovations, the Camso SKS 753 and SKS 532 (right) are the fourth and fifth skid steer tire Camso has launched since January 2015; all of these are built with features that increase tire performance and overall durability. 

This bias-ply, pneumatic Camso SKS 753 takes versatility and durability to the next level. It is the perfect tire for rental fleets and other mixed and hard surfaces. Its innovative, non-directional tread pattern optimizes durability and versatility. Its high lug-to-void ratio provides excellent wear and puncture resistance on hard surfaces, while its stepped shoulder lugs improve traction on softer surfaces. The Camso SKS 753 is the next-generation of the well-known Solideal Hauler SKZ and will out-last it by 30%.  

Perfect for construction and landscaping applications, the bias-ply Camso SKS 532 improves both traction and durability with its extra-deep directional tread and curved lugs. Its unique stepped tread pattern provides excellent mud clean out and comes with a Void Guard to reinforce and protect the carcass to prevent punctures and minimize flats. The Camso SKS 532 surpasses its predecessor, the Solideal Xtra Wall, with 30% longer life. 

To protect against sidewall damage, both new tires incorporate Camso’s reverse sidewall design with impact guard to deflect objects and debris away from the tire. This feature better protects the product from sidewall damage, and works to extend its life, and ultimately, contributes to a lower operating cost solution. 

November 25, 2016

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