Bobcat launches compact tracked loader


Bobcat has announced the launch of a top-of-the-range compact tracked loader. The new T870 features a torsion suspension undercarriage, which replaces the previous T870 model’s roller suspension system.

With torsion axles that dampen vibration, the completely new undercarriage design combines the comfort of the outgoing roller suspension and the stability of a solid mount undercarriage – improving ride quality by absorbing the stresses and vibrations on the job.

A Bobcat spokesperson said, “The 5-link torsion suspension minimizes rocking when lifting a load high or when performing grading tasks, with no trade-off between comfort and performance. The unique fifth link acts like an independent suspension, increasing ride comfort and greatly reducing the rocking effect that is typically associated with torsion suspensions. Equipped in this way, the Bobcat T870 compact tracked loader feels even more stable and grounded, which improves ride quality and delivers unmatched performance when lifting and grading.”

An additional link on the rear axle stabilizes the system to decrease rocking or bouncing – increasing productivity as a result. Improved comfort and ride quality also result from the use of dual-flange front idlers that ride on the rubber track’s roller way.

The rollers and the dual-flange front idler ride on rubber to dampen vibration. They are also wider, which maximizes their contact with the track for a smoother ride, further improving comfort and ride quality as well as increasing uptime. The larger circumference of the rear idler provides more surface area for less wear per rotation, which increases overall component life.

September 22, 2017

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