Atlas and Manu Lorraine cooperate on energy recovery system ECO’nergy


Atlas Maschinen has announced that, in the course of in-house extension of its product range, it has acquired a license from Manu Lorraine for the energy recovery system ECO’nergy, which is protected under patent and trademark rights. The acquisition of this license grants Atlas the right to use the ECO’nergy system worldwide under its own name.

The technology, which was featured in Industrial Vehicle Technology’s June issue, is claimed to offer up to 50% fuel savings and offers a return on investment within 12-18 months. Unlike most other concepts on the excavator market, this does not draw on swing technology – rather, it uses gravitational force from the lowering of the boom. The dead weight energy of the boom and empty bucket is recovered, using oil at the bottom of the recovery cylinder, and stored in a series of nitrogen accumulators. These, under the effect of the compressed gas, then release hydraulic oil according to the bucket’s activity and the recovered energy is then used to lift the weight of the arm, with the hydraulic pump only being needed to cover any energy shortfall to lift the load and cover any pressure drop in the hydraulic circuit.

The system will now be produced by Atlas and installed it in its new excavators for sale to customers. The ECO’nergy system will be available soon and can also be retrofitted to machines already in service.

Headquartered in Ganderkesee, Northern Germany, Atlas Maschinen manufactures mobile excavators, rail-road excavators, material handling machines, truck-mounted loader cranes, wheeled loaders, cutting units and tunneling machines, and has almost 100 years of experience in the production of machinery and equipment. Manu Lorraine, with headquarters in Ennery, France, specializes in material handling equipment for civil construction works and supplies shovels, chargers, compactors, dumpers, levelers, and telescopic and industrial lift trucks, as well as bodywork on vehicles and hydraulic cranes, dumper trucks, hydraulic loader cranes and platforms.

November 6, 2015

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