Yanmar’s latest on show at Agritechnica


Yanmar will highlight its latest Common-Rail industrial diesel engine series at the upcoming Agritechnica 2015, taking place in Hanover from November 8-14, 2015. The whole range of TNV Common Rail Tier 4-compliant engines will be on display.

Carlo Giudici, senior manager of Yanmar Europe’s Industrial Powertrain Division said, “These engines, besides meeting the US EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage IIIB regulation, are already compliant with the proposed 2019 EU Stage 5 requirements which will limit the Particle Number (PN), thus reducing the emission of ultrafine particulate matter.

“To avoid misunderstandings, let me say loud and clear that for Yanmar, Stage 5-Ready means that the currently available EPA Tier 4/EU Stage 3B engines will stay exactly the same for Stage 5 as they are today, with the sole and only exception of the emission label sticker. This means that any industrial equipment with a Yanmar EPA Tier 4/EU Stage 3B engine already in use will need no further modification whatsoever to comply with EU Stage 5 regulation.”

Just as important for the end user, the unique Yanmar DPF design allows a guaranteed minimum of 6,000 hours maintenance-free, which means lifetime maintenance-free operation in the vast majority of applications.

Giudici continued, “As usual Yanmar put in a lot of effort to ensure that any newly introduced technical development coming to the market retains the same degree of reliability which made the company so renowned worldwide. In this case special attention was focused on avoiding DPF clogging in all working conditions. By applying the most refined and cutting edge regeneration strategies, Yanmar is proud to declare that to date not one DPF clogging issue has been reported from the many tens of thousands of DPF-TNV Common Rail engines already running in the field. At the same time a number of additional improvements are noticeable with the TNV-CR engines, such as the lube oil consumption, which has been almost halved from the already low level of the Yanmar Stage 3A engines. This is due to the improved production processes implemented on the machining line of Yanmar’s Biwa plant. As emission legislation tightens, Yanmar has responded once again with state-of-the-art engines. We are ready for the future now.”

September 28, 2015

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