Steyr Impuls tractors gain suite of new features


A host of new and improved features is being introduced to the three-model range of Steyr Impuls CVT tractors, which covers the 165-200hp (maximum) power sector. The upgrades have been developed with the aim of further enhancing the driver experience for operators of these models, and thereby improving productivity, benefiting owners too. The first public viewing will be on the Steyr stand in Hall 5 at Agribex, which takes place from 08-12 Dec at Brussels Expo, Belgium.

Exterior features 

The changes begin with a completely redesigned cabin entrance area, created for improved ergonomics – easier, quicker, safer entry and exit. New aluminium steps match the tractor’s styling, as do new gas strut covers both for the doors and the rear window. The Impuls CVT is now fitted as standard with two opening doors for convenience when accessing this side of the tractor.

Adjacent to the steps, a vanity cover conceals an additional external battery master switch as well as optional heating sockets and the air-line coupler, which will allow the operator to easily clean both sides of the cab or radiators. A Steyr branding plate complements this new smart design. Night-time entry and exit are also made safer and more welcoming by the addition of high-performance LED ingress lighting.

Other new external features designed to improve operator comfort include improved work light position to aid performance and visibility to implement extremities, and there are new modern-style LED side indicators that are overlaid by the direction indicator lights when engaged. LED beacons, which are foldable to minimise damage risk, are now optionally available.

At the rear of the tractors, top link stability and fixing have been enhanced, and there is now a position indicator to make it easier to quickly fix the top link and check position from the cab. At the top of the rear remote stacks there is now a rear cover plate that arranges connections in a more ergonomic manner for faster coupling.

Interior features 

Driver comfort has been a core focus in the new Impuls CVT development. Interior surfaces benefit from new materials and enhanced fit and finish, and new Impuls CVT models are the first Steyr tractors with a new premium leather steering wheel. A new low-mount windscreen wiper covers 60% more area, and forward vision is also enhanced by a less-obtrusive rear-view mirror. A new cooled storage compartment keeps operators refreshed, while new premium speakers provide high quality sound.

To the operator’s right, a new monitor rail incorporates an integrated harness guide and two USB sockets, for convenient mounting and power for implement monitors and other devices. A dealer- installed kit for a RAM mount tablet holder is optional, and a RAM mount cell phone holder can be factory-specified. Driving control upgrades include a wiper/indicator stalk with a more automotive feel and improved self-cancelling for the indicator function, enhancing safety on the road.

Enhancements to CVT 

Larger Steyr tractors have long been synonymous with CVT continuously-variable transmission technology. A defining new feature of the latest Steyr Impuls CVT tractors is the ability to further customise transmission settings, to deliver a new driving experience and ensure maximum efficiency, Custom transmission settings now allow operators to adjust, save and recall required vehicle behaviour characteristics based on personal preferences and application requirements, a feature unique to the range. Meanwhile, Impuls CVT driving behaviour and characteristics have been enhanced in several areas. These include improved acceleration and deceleration behaviour, upgraded shuttle behaviour, greater drive pedal sensitivity, the introduction of a cruise control pedal override feature, and enhanced sensitivity and position detection for the Multicontroller lever, which can be used for CVT operation. An advanced joystick option, with F/R transmission features, will be available for the new Impuls CVT tractors, allowing drivers to operate key functions and services from the one joystick with fewer hand movements.

“These updates deliver a new level of features unique to Steyr and the Imupuls CVT range,” says Darragh Mullin, product marketing manager for Steyr Impuls CVT tractors.

“They build on the popular new Steyr styling with features exclusive to Impuls CVT tractors that mean the operation and feel of these 2022 model year machines is even better than that of the models they supersede.”

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