New Holland unveils brand new Straddle Tractor range


New Holland has introduced its new Straddle Tractor TE6 Range multifunction tractors specifically designed for narrow vineyards that require machines with an extreme manoeuvrability and compact dimensions. It will be available from the end of this year.

The Straddle Tractor Concept, as featured on the cover of iVT March 2022, and created in collaboration with Italian design firm Pininfarina, was winner of the Good Design Award and of the German Design Award the same year. The Concept tractor featured a futuristic and stylish look inspired by the shape of a glass of Champagne as a homage to premium wine growers of regions such as Champagne, Médoc and Burgundy.

The new TE6.120N and TE6.150N are specifically designed for some of the most prestigious wine-producing regions, adapting to the narrow French vineyards and to any terrain that has similar characteristics.

The new tractor range is highly multifunctional: it features three independent tool zones for multiple possible implement combinations. They are also designed to grant an extra quick hitch – less than 10 minutes for the sprayer – and to allow the operator to keep the tools attached without leaving the cab, saving time and maximizing efficiency. Maximum manoeuvrability is granted by the Superlight new steering system.

“Multifunctionality, maneuverability, compact design and power: these are the key elements of the new Straddle Tractor range that is completely revolutionising our offering in Straddle tractors,” saysThierry Le Briquer, grape, olive and coffee harvester global product and platform manager at New Holland. “The best quality is ensured by our engineering and manufacturing at the Centre of Excellence in Coëx, France, where these tractors are produced and that is specialised in grape, olive harvesters and straddle tractors, serving customers worldwide.”

Just like the rest of New Holland’s new generation tractor range, the Straddle Tractors are equipped with innovation technology: Intelliview IV Plus display and its rearview screens give a total control of the tractor and My PLM Connect allows operators to manage data in real time, on board or remotely, to maximize efficiency and productivity.

The Blue Power livery reflects New Holland’s new styling lines and balances elegance with comfort. The ergonomics have been completely reshaped with a renovated cab offering comfort and high visibility all around the machine.

The FTP Industrial Stage V engine in the row ensures total stability on slopes and inclines, and the IntelliFlow hydraulic system gives a balanced distribution of power all around the tractor.

Carlo Lambro, Brand President of New Holland Agriculture says: “It’s with great pride that we add these Straddle tractors to our already excellent range, featuring a new design that combines our long-lasting identity with the most innovative features and inspired by the collaboration with a great design firm such as Pininfarina. It brings elegance, comfort and performance to our customers specialised in viticulture and I’m excited to see it in action very soon in the most prestigious vineyards.”

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