MF 4700 Series cab tractors set the new multi-purpose tractor benchmark


Massey Ferguson will display its three new cab tractor models in the MF 4700 Series at Agritechnica, claiming these 75hp, 85hp and 95hp standard farm tractors are the first completely new tractors to have been developed in recent times specifically for this highly demanding multipurpose sector.

“The MF 4700 Series are not only completely new tractors, they also introduce an entirely original concept in modern tractor development,” says Campbell Scott, director, marketing services. “The MF 4700 are the first, and only, tractors available that have been designed in the 21st century to deliver the straightforward, rugged and reliable operation for users in the 75-130hp sector.”

Massey Ferguson has designed a completely new cab specifically for its MF 4700 Series tractors to provide sector leading comfort, control and functionality. Designed in Beauvais, France and built in the new Beauvais 2 facility, the spacious cab is air conditioned and equipped to the highest specification. Large steps that lead up to wide opening, full glass doors provide superb access to the flat floor cab, with car-style pendant pedals keeping the area clear. The gear levers fall easily to hand beside the right of the seat.

There is excellent all-round visibility through the large front screen and to the sides thanks to the wide glass doors and curved quarter windows. The opening rear window offers an unrivalled view to the rear. A Visio roof is an option that further improves vision when operating with a loader.

An ergonomically designed layout ensures ease of use, with straightforward operation from features seldom found in this class of tractor. The modern design of the MF 4700 Series provides high levels of control and automation, such as electrohydraulic activation of the diff-lock and four-wheel drive for convenient operation.

The clear, but slim dashboard uses a mix of analogue and digital displays, providing operators with all the essential information in an easy to read format.

A screen in the center shows further tractor information with easy navigation through the various settings using buttons mounted conveniently just below the dashboard. This screen is also used for simple fault diagnostics.

The sculpted console on the right contains the throttle lever and mechanical spool valve levers, which can be locked into position. Behind these is the electronic hitch control (ELC) ‘mouse’. This nestles comfortably in the operator’s hand and adjusts implement settings with a thumb slide lever, with a separate up/down rocker just below along with a ‘quick engage’ button.

The PTO switch has three positions – on, off without brake and off braked, which stops the shaft turning.

The MF 4700 Series is powered by an AGCO Power 3.3 liter three-cylinder engine developing maximum powers (ISO: TR14396) of 75hp on the MF 4707, 85hp on MF 4708 and 95hp on the MF 4709 and complying with Stage IV/Tier 4 Final with the maintenance-free Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC).

An engine speed memory is activated by simply pressing a button in the cab. This allows operators to set the memory for working speeds, when for example using a PTO-powered implement, and use hand throttle setting for the headland turns.

Massey Ferguson has developed a new 12 X 12 speed synchromesh gearbox for the MF 4700 Series tractors, specifically designed to provide efficient and straightforward operation in field, on the road and for loader work. Six main gears provide field operation in low range and transport or higher speed field-work in the high range. There are eight gears in the main 4km/hr to 12km/hr field working range, which coupled with the high torque at low engine rpm, reduces the need to change gears.

The gearbox provides a top speed of 40km/hr (where laws permit). A ‘super creeper’ option provides an additional 14:1 reduction for specialist applications.

The gearbox has an additional output shaft to provide drive to the front axle. The drive shaft is tucked neatly underneath the center of the gearbox and engine and is fully guarded for protection. Four-wheel drive is engaged electro-hydraulically, which allows it to be disengaged automatically at speeds of more than 14km/hr and activated again when speed falls below that figure.

Massey Ferguson has developed a new open center hydraulic system for the MF 4700 Series, which more than meets the flow and pressure demands of modern equipment and applications. The new dual circuit system ensures there is always sufficient flow for continuous efficient operations. This provides a responsive high pressure gear pump supplying 65 liters/min for the rear linkage and auxiliary spool valves, while another pump delivers 27 liters/min for auxiliary circuits including the steering, 4WD and diff-lock engagement as well as PTO control.

The MF 4700 Series is equipped with an independent PTO (IPTO) clutch, which is engaged electro-hydraulically. This well-proven control system provides upmost reliability and ease of use and is controlled simply using a three-position rocker-switch on the operator station.

The tractors are equipped with the same robust rear axle design that is well proven in the MF 5600 Series. The heavy duty, structural casting design contains new inboard reduction units, which increase the strength and rigidity of the axle. These employ epicyclic gears to provide the final speed reduction and increased torque to ensure maximum engine power is transmitted to the ground, maximizing traction and performance.

September 18, 2015

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