Highest performance and maximum soil care the special BKT lineup for sprayers


Withstanding heavy loads while being delicate on terrain and crops, reducing soil compaction and increasing driving comfort – these are the distinctive features of the special BKT tires for sprayers. Moreover, the tires guarantee maximum comfort to drivers during frequent field and road transfers.

Agrimax Spargo is a radial tire designed by BKT developing a new concept of VF technology. Specifically developed for spraying applications and row crops, it can stand heavier loads while maintaining the same inflation pressure compared to a standard tire of the same size. This way, it preserves the yield and reduces soil compaction.

This tire can be used for several purposes, both in the fields and on the road – always ensuring maximum driving comfort as well as excellent stability. Great traction performance and a constant contact with the terrain complete the profile of Agrimax Spargo. Four sizes are currently available on the market: VF 380/85 R 38, VF 380/90 R 46, VF 380/105 R 50 and VF 420/95 R 50.

In addition to Agrimax Spargo, BKT boasts a complete range of narrow tires. Not only are these ideal for sprayers, but also for farming vehicles operating amidst row crops, or for grape harvesting in vineyards.

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