Challenger announces world’s first ‘self-propelled trailed sprayer’


Designed, tested, and built in Europe for the European market, Challenger’s first trailed sprayer will be on display at Agritechnica, in Hanover, Germany, on November 8-14, 2015. Designated the RoGator 300, there will initially be two 300 Series models – the RG333 and RG344. The last two digits refer to the tank capacity of 3,300 and 4,400 liters.

Building on the success of the RoGator 600, the RoGator 300 shares two-thirds of its technology with the self-propelled sprayer. This includes the spray boom and suspension system, centre frame, boom lift arm (adapted slightly but the same concept), all plumbing and chemical induction hopper. What Challenger engineers have done is to add these to a specially-made drawbar, chassis, axle and tank.

The flexible design of the drawbar allows it to be quickly adjusted to all tractors and tire sizes.

The standard RG300 uses load-sensing hydraulics. An optional PTO-powered pump is available for users looking to tow the RG300 behind different tractors lacking load-sensing hydraulics or with less hydraulic power. Secured to the drawbar, the housing is supplied as standard to the drawbar.

Gleaned from the RoGator 600, the single beam chassis offers the same 35° steering angle keeping the inner turning circle of the RG300 to just 7.6m. The wheel hubs of the modular and in-house designed axle remain the same, but adding spacers between the wheel hubs and the chassis allows the sprayer to be quickly changed on-farm to operate at different track widths from 1.5 to 2.25m.

The storage next to the chemical inductor on the left side of the machine provides a generous 41 liters of storage space for gloves, glasses and work clothing. There is additional storage space on the opposite side of the machine, and the first two machines each provide a generous 342 liters of total storage space.

The positioning of the standard 400 liter clean water front tank at the front of the sprayer adds more weight to the tractor’s rear wheels to allow them to maintain traction as the main tank empties. Users seeking even more clean water carrying capacity can specify the optional rear 500 liter clean water tank, which boosts the clean water carrying capacity to 900 liters.

Standard on the RoGator 300, electric nozzle shut off eliminates the need for a compressor and results in less air hose plumbing for a cleaner boom build. Fully ISOBus compatible, a limited number of RG300 test units are out in the field this year, and a larger batch of pre-production machines will be produced for next year’s season.

September 11, 2015

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