BKT launches new IF-size Agrimax Teris


BKT has launched a new size of Agrimax Teris, the tire for harvesters, as the ‘IF’ version: 580/80 R 34. The new product has been specifically designed for the purpose of supporting farm machinery in cotton fields, where resistance, flotation properties, and reduced soil compaction are essential features.

By introducing the IF technology in the Agrimax Teris line-up, BKT has aimed at placing at the specialist operators’ disposal a tire with a large footprint on the ground, in addition to high load capacity at lower pressures compared with a standard tire of the same size.

Moreover, in view of the particular operating conditions for farm machinery on cotton plantations, BKT has reinforced the sidewall for improved resistance against damages such as those caused by stubbles on the field. The reinforced casing structure ensures improved stability and handling.

Particular attention has been paid to the comfort of the operator, who is exposed to considerable stress while harvesting. Agrimax Teris IF 580/80 R 34 distinguishes itself for being a ‘comfortable’ tire, which is able to make an effective contribution to the operator’s wellbeing.

The Agrimax Teris range is available in the sizes 620/75 R 26, 750/65 R 26, 620/75 R 30, 650/75 R 32, 800/65 R 32, 900/60 R 32, 1050/50 R 32, the new IF 580/80 R 34 CFO as well as 520/85 R 42.

May 29, 2015

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