AGCO introduces Fendt 500 Vario Gen3 mid-range tractors


AGCO has unveiled its new series of Fendt 500 Vario Gen3 mid-range tractors, which will include the FendtOne cab and operator station.

The 500 Vario Gen3 series of adaptable and powerful machines is available in four models, with engine horsepower ranging from 124 to 163 (107-137 PTO), ideal for completing chores on livestock and dairy operations, as well as haying, mowing and light field work.

The innovative FendtOne cab provides a streamlined and efficient work environment, allowing users to customise operation of the tractor and implements based on their preferences and the work that needs to be done.

The FendtOne cab features up to three large, easy-to-read display screens that show all tractor functions and can store settings for jobs the operator uses most. From the FendtOne cab, operators can customize their tractors to easily move between jobs. For example, they can adapt loader functions to make quick work of moving and stacking big bales and cleaning livestock pens, or they can switch the tractor from mowing to raking to baling – with implement settings already customised and saved in the tractor for each of those jobs.

Designed for operator convenience

FendtOne makes it easy for operators to customize their tractors and to create user profiles to save their settings. The display areas can be personalized for each driver, and the workstation includes several assignable buttons that operators can program to control specific tractor or job-based implement functions.

“The philosophy behind the FendtOne cab is in its simple design and intuitive features. Fendt has delivered technology that is easy to use with the integration of all the tractor functions in one touchscreen,” says David Soliday, AGCO senior tactical marketing manager for tractors.

The nearly limitless customization of the Fendt 500 Gen3 Series tractor can be accomplished with the 12-inch LED touchscreen display that connects the operator to all the tractor functions. The touchscreen is mounted on the right-hand FendtONE armrest.

To activate the FendtONE touchscreen, the user presses the launchpad button, located near the pushdial. This button functions like the ‘home’ button on a smartphone and gives the operator access to the digital displays for all machine functions. From there, it’s easy to navigate to the guidance system, hydraulics, service and diagnostics, and more. The launchpad also controls other tractor systems including the air conditioning, in-cab entertainment, and the communications system, as well as side-mirror adjustments.

An optional 12-inch display recessed into the roof liner can be pulled down when needed. The two displays are linked and synchronized, providing data in unison, allowing the operator to view up to 12 user-selected panels of information across the two displays. A 10-inch digital dashboard mounted behind the steering column enables operators to monitor real-time tractor conditions, including RPMs, speed, fuel level and tractor status.

The controls for the tractor, hitch and implements are now centrally located at the operator’s fingertips. The ergonomically designed armrest includes color-coded control buttons, a multi-function joystick, 3L joystick and pushdial controller, all within close reach for greater operator safety and control of the tractor and implements.

“The button controls are color-coded to match their functions, which also appear on the displays in the same color. This makes it easy for operators to quickly associate the colours with specific tasks and functions, so they perform jobs quickly, accurately and with less chance for error,” Soliday says.

The multifunction joystick controls tractor speed and direction, hydraulic valve operation, powertrain functions, TI Headland and ISOBUS functions. It includes freely assignable buttons that can be programmed based on the job. The 3L joystick controls front loader operations, hydraulic controls and ISOBUS controls.

The ideal front-loader tractor

The Fendt 500 Vario Gen3 Series is ideal for livestock producers who need tractors that are versatile and easy to operate. They are ideal for loader work, haymaking, hauling and towing. And the added live, third-function loader operation, controlled by the 3L joystick, gives customers the ability to use up to three functions at the same time with their Fendt Cargo or CargoProfi front loader, making these tractors even more useful around the entire farming operation.

“The 500 Gen3 Series is the perfect tractor for livestock and dairy producers looking for a mid-range, innovative and reliable tractor. Fendt added the live third valve to the front loader specifically to make daily chores easier,” Soliday says. “With the live third function, operators can raise or lower the bucket and tilt it at the same time as they’re opening the grapple on the bucket.”

Fendt technology simplifies chore work

Working in tandem with the Fendt 500 Vario tractors, the Fendt CargoProfi Loader offers the latest in smart technology features. It includes intelligent built-ins like the memo function, which saves the position settings for loader arms and attachments, as well as the measure-and-tilting sensor systems, which make repetitive jobs easier to complete. Two pressure sensors in the crossbeam measure and track loader weight. The CargoProfi also has a shaking function to empty the bucket completely.

Continuing the Fendt tradition of offering more horsepower in smaller packages, the Fendt 500 Vario Gen3 Series transitions easily from front loader work on the farm to field work. The four models in the 500 Vario Series ‒ 512 (124 HP), 513 (133 HP), 514 (150 HP) and 516 (163 HP) ‒ provide an ideal power range for chores around livestock or dairy operations and mid-size grain farms.

The Fendt 500 Vario’s powerful 4-cylinder DEUTZ® engine with a 4.04-liter cubic capacity and common rail injection ensures efficient fuel consumption. A selective catalytic reduction (SCR) exhaust after-treatment follows combustion to ensure the tractor meets the latest emission standards. Working seamlessly with the engine is the stepless Fendt Vario continuously variable transmission (CVT), which was pioneered by Fendt. The Vario transmission delivers smooth, precise road speed up to 31 mph (50 kph) so operators can precisely match the speed required to complete the task at hand.


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