Soucy unveils new track system for combine harvesters


At the Farm Progress Show in Iowa, USA from August 28-30, Soucy revealed the S-Tech 1000X, its track system for combine harvesters.

The new track system was designed to offer farmers peace of mind and to enable them to harvest without damaging their land. The S-Tech 1000X has the largest ground contact area on the market and therefore the best float.

“We are well aware that harvests represent the completion of a whole year’s work for a farmer,” said André Todd, general manager of Soucy International. “That’s why Soucy worked hard to provide farmers with an extremely reliable product, to enable them to harvest with complete confidence, whatever the weather.”

The new product’s design has not only retained all the advantages of the earlier model but also offers additional benefits. For example, the track system can travel at speeds of up to 28km/h (17.3mph) and, being robust, it can be used with equipment that is 20% heavier. New oil bath hubs replace the need for daily lubrication. Instead, a single maintenance operation is required for every 500 hours of use. The sleeker design also reduces the build-up of debris, thereby reducing cleaning time. Farmers can also benefit from increased ride comfort and a longer lifespan for the track system.

Soucy has been developing its new generation of track systems for combine harvesters for more than three years. “We have effectively combined our know-how, expertise and understanding of the market into a unique track system: the S-TECH 1000X,” said Julie Tremblay, engineering director at Soucy International. “All the components that make up this product have been analyzed in our physical test center to simulate all the situations that farmers may face and therefore eliminate potential risks.”

The S-TECH 1000X is available for purchase in North America.

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