Palfinger set to unveil its first ever crawler crane


Palfinger will launch its first crawler crane at the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade event in September in Hannover, Germany.

The Palfinger Crawler Crane (PCC) is a powerful and flexible lifting solution for situations where a lorry would normally have to suffice. Being around 40cm narrower than a conventional truck, it achieves maximum flexibility with maximum power on difficult terrains and with gradients of up to 60%.

A particular advantage of the crawler is that it enables the crane to be quickly repositioned on construction sites as and when necessary. Another benefit is that the crawler and crane can be controlled, transported and operated separately, which is especially useful in situations where weight restrictions apply. The crane module can also propel itself on its own stabilizers, without the crawler.

The three modules (crawler, crane and counterweight) can be combined and operated optimally for a wide range of tasks. A single person can manage servicing, maintenance and training for the entire device. Palfinger factory personnel can provide training when the device is handed over and, if desired, can help with the initial jobs to round off the service package – saving the consumer time and money.

Palfinger’s first crawler crane

The PCC is available in three variants: the PCC 57.002 has a maximum reach of 29m (95ft), a maximum lifting height of 32m (105ft) and a maximum lifting capacity of 17,900kg (39,460lb). The slightly more powerful model, the PCC 71.002, has a reach of 31.6m (103.6 ft), a maximum lifting height of 34m (111ft) and a maximum lifting capacity of 19,100kg (42,110 lb). The most powerful model is the PCC 115.002, which has a reach of 33.3m (109ft), a maximum lifting height of 35.8m (117ft) and a lifting capacity of up to 30,000kg (66,140 lb). Numerous pieces of additional equipment, such as workman baskets, vacuum lifters, pipe manipulators and grippers, are available for all models.

The crawler chassis is perfect for off-road use and has high ground clearance. When the crane is used off-road, depending on the support width, slope gradients of 8° to 20° can be levelled out thanks to its long and particularly robust support feet. This ensures ultra-high lifting capacities and universal usability, even on difficult terrain.

The PCC 71.002 and PCC 115.002 models will be launched in September 2018 and the PCC 57.002 will be released in spring 2019.


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