Warner Electric offers safer remote operation with electrically-operated PTO bell housing clutches


Bell housing PTO clutches are utilized in a wide range of industrial markets, including agriculture, marine, oil & gas, forestry, mining, construction, and rail. The clutches are needed to engage and disengage diesel- or gas-powered engines from driven equipment, including pumps, augers, blowers, compressors, transfer cases, and winches.

Typically, bell housing clutches feature lever-activated mechanical over-center designs that require an operator to manually engage and disengage the clutch, which can present problems if a worker must climb or reach onto operating equipment to access the clutch lever. This is a very time-consuming, costly and, often dangerous process, especially on applications located in harsh, isolated areas such as large agricultural irrigation systems and oil field pump jacks.

Innovative PTO clutch technology

Based on a growing industry need for a more advanced clutching solution, Warner Electric engineers have recently developed a line of IoT-capable electric PTO clutches that can be conveniently operated from a remote control panel, tablet or cell phone*. The electrically-powered clutches require no hydraulic pumps, cylinders and hoses and no air compressors to operate. This is a significant factor in isolated locations.

Drop-in replacements

All Warner electrically-operated PTO models are interchangeable with all major brand lever-activated PTO clutch designs.

There are four Warner Electric PTO clutch models that are offered with torque ratings from 150-1650 ft.lbs., for SAE 1 thru 5 bell housings and flywheel sizes ranging from SAE 6” to 14”.

Standard hubs are designed to fit common tapered shafts. Custom hubs are available for special applications. 12V, 24V and 90V coils are stocked, however, custom winds are available. Units are easy install with two lead wires connected to a single plug.

Stand-alone clutches or complete PTO assemblies

Clutches are available as stand-alone units or as complete PTO assemblies, including clutch, bell housing, drive ring and drive disc.

All stand-alone clutches include an accessory kit containing freeze plugs, conversion mounting hardware, and anti-rotation strap.

Electrification expertise

Warner has engineering teams with electrification experience ready to work directly with OEMs on integrating new brakes and clutches for electric conversion initiatives or new projects.  Warner’s unique process is tailored to connect Warner engineers with OEM engineers to build custom solutions that meets challenging machine design requirements.

*customer-supplied application required for tablet and cell phone use

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