Linde MH optimizes T 20/T 25 SP platform pallet trucks


Since the launch of model series T 20/T 25 SP in 2004, Linde Material Handling has sold over 33,000 such pallet trucks worldwide. Linde will be presenting a number of new, customer-oriented optional features for these successful models at its World of Material Handling (WoMH) 2016 customer event.

Around the world, these platform pallet trucks with 2- or 2.5-tonne load capacity facilitate the loading and unloading of HGVs as well as pallet transfer and order picking. Linde’s novel driving concept is key to the resounding market success: the main load of the transported goods rests on the drive wheel so that braking and acceleration forces are accurately transmitted.

In addition, a hydraulic damping system with tilt sensors for the lateral support wheels ensures maximum stability and driver comfort in all situations. Whether cornering, on uneven surfaces or on slopes, the operator has full control of the vehicle and the load at all times.

The new equipment options enhance driver comfort, efficiency and reliability for Linde T 20/T 25 SP platform trucks even more. The main innovation is the completely decoupled and damped stand-on platform. Platform and steering system form a compact unit, which is decoupled from the chassis. This has led to about 30% reduction in jolts and vibrations – both mechanical and human.

With this innovation, Linde takes another step toward the ergonomic unity of man and machine. This is because platform pallet trucks Linde T 20/T 25 SP feature proven e-Driver technology. This allows the driver to comfortably rest his back by leaning, while standing at a 45° angle to the direction of travel and steer the vehicle with one hand, with which he can also control all drive and lift functions. The 45° position provides optimum visibility of the route and load in an ergonomic body posture. In this way the driver can concentrate for a long time without getting tired and he is positioned in such a way that his health is not compromised.

To facilitate working in poorly lit environments, Linde has added LED work lights to its range of optional features. These lights help to make processes safer and more efficient, for example when loading and unloading truck trailers with dark interiors. The light is positioned within the vehicle contour, protected against damage, and can be switched on and off with a single move of the hand.

In addition to process safety and driver comfort, customers particularly appreciate the high uptime and power of the platform pallet trucks. Both are assured by the truck’s 3kW AC traction motor. Its high torque ensures powerful startup. After less than five meters, the vehicle reaches its maximum speed of 12km/h.

The trucks and their new optional features will make their debut at Linde’s WoMH in Offenbach, Germany, which will take place on May 9-25, 2016. Visitors to this customer event will be offered the opportunity to test-drive the vehicles themselves.

April 29, 2016

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