Epec launches electromobility solution for EVs


Finnish technology company Epec has launched its electromobility offering under the name Epec Flow. Epec Flow is a comprehensive and customiseable solution for electrifying non-road mobile machines and commercial vehicles and optimising their performance and improving total cost of ownership. Epec Flow delivers technology for off-highway and commercial vehicle industry to enable zero emissions.  

Ponsse EV1 electric forest machine concept 

Epec Flow solution has been researched and tested for several years, for example, with Ponsse. Ponsse launches an electric forest machine technology concept Ponsse EV1 together with Epec Flow launch. The Ponsse EV1 concept took its first steps in 2019, when Ponsse and Epec started to investigate responsible power source solutions in line with sustainable development.  

Ponsse provides sustainable harvesting solutions by listening closely to customer needs, and it also aims to lead the way in the development of forest machine technologies. Ponsse is part of sustainable forestry and seeks carbon neutrality in its operations and solutions. The concept machine features a fully electric powertrain, as well as Epec’s power distribution unit and hybrid control unit. The machine’s powertrain operates fully with battery energy. Batteries are charged by using a Range Extender, which is a combustion engine at this stage of development.  

“Technological development is fast and offers us excellent opportunities to develop our solutions further, even in unexpected directions,” says Juho Nummela, president and CEO, Ponsse Plc. “We have worked hard with our technology company Epec to enable this concept. At the same time, both companies have developed their capabilities, and we have gained significant new knowledge during this project. This launch of a new technology concept is a peek into the future and one of the solutions offered by electric powertrains. Sustainable development is a significant future success factor for Ponsse.”

Epec Flow system solution

At the center of the Epec Flow, is a control system and Epec Flow Power Distribution Unit (PDU). PDU distributes the power for the third-party components such as electric motors and battery systems reliably and safely. The PDU’s integrated safety solutions enable effective manufacturing and maintenance of the machines, as well as their operations in demanding conditions. Epec Flow PDU integrates seamlessly with the machine control system, making it possible to optimize and automate the power distribution. The Epec Flow Hybrid Control Unit (HCU) controls the electric powertrain and includes software developed through simulations, enabling optimal energy consumption, productivity and usability. 

Machine manufacturers have freedom to select the key components from various suppliers. Epec offers component sourcing support enabling volume advantage. Epec Flow system adapts with different vehicle architectures, optimises machines with over-the-air software updates and is scalable and customizable. The key principle in system development is seamless cooperation with the machine manufacturer’s and key suppliers’ project teams and creating a holistic view of the machine. Epec Flow includes testing and validation support for the complete vehicle, and Epec has profound simulation-based system engineering experience from world’s leading machine manufacturers.  

“The Epec Flow solution is at the heart of everything. It has been developed for the electrification of various commercial vehicles and non-road mobile machines. The software can be developed using simulation models, and the solution can be agilely developed for the needs of different machinery. The different systems, including the transmission and control system, work seamlessly together, enabling the manufacture of safe and efficient zero-emission machines in the future,” says Jyri Kylä-Kaila, Managing Director of Epec. 

Ponsse Studio: Transforming technologies  

Jyri Kylä-Kaila, Epec’s Managing Director, and, Juho Nummela, Ponsse’s President and CEO, will be talking about transforming technologies at the online Ponsse Studio event on 17 August 2022. A recording of the online event can be watched later on Ponsse’s YouTube channel.   

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