Doosan develops first battery prototype


Doosan Infracore has announced that the company has developed its first battery. The prototype is expected to help Doosan Infracore accelerate its battery pack business and motorised product development.

Doosan Infracore’s battery pack offers the advantage of a flexible design to meet unit voltage and capacity requirements by combining standardized cylindrical battery cells. Using the BMS, the standardized and shared design has been applied to enable battery pack configuration with up to 32 modules regardless of parallel or serial connection. The battery cell offers improved energy density and stability by using structural adhesive physically and wire bonding electrically.

The company has been developing battery packs after completing a feasibility review of the electric powerpack business last year. Having developed the prototype, it plans to manufacture an initial 1.7 tonne electric excavator product with the battery pack after testing it while mounted on actual equipment.

“The battery pack can be mounted on all electrically driven vehicles, such as construction, mining and agricultural machines and golf carts. We have set an annual sales target of 500 billion won (444 million USD) or more in the battery pack business by 2030,” a Doosan Infracore official said.

Previously, Doosan Infracore has successfully developed the company’s mild hybrid powertrain technology, a middle step between the internal combustion engine and the electric motor drive. The hybrid powertrain adds electric motors and batteries to the internal combustion engine to offer power ignition, improved fuel rating and output, and reduced carbon emissions. Doosan Infracore’s 48V Mild Hybrid Powertrain was selected as a notable new product for 2020 by Diesel Progress, the leading magazine for the engine market.

“We are Korea’s best engine manufacturer and have developed engines for vehicles, ships, industrial machines and military machines and for export to Europe including Germany, the leader in engines, and China. We intend to become the leader in the global engine market by accelerating the development of hybrid powertrains and developing electrical drive technologies in this great paradigm shift in internal engines,” said Doosan Infracore CEO, Sohn Dong-yeon. 

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