Eberspächer Vairex to present at F-Cell Stuttgart next month


On September 14 and 15th, Eberspächer Vairex will present its new product range for fuel cells at F-Cell in Stuttgart. These fuel cell cathode air compressors are a key component for the performance of fuel cells.

Eberspächer announced the acquisition of Victori LLC, better known in the market as Vairex air systems, in early July. Now, the company is presenting its fuel cell product segment under the brand name Eberspächer Vairex to a broad trade audience for the first time at F-Cell in Stuttgart. The US company had already been developing and producing air compressors and associated components for fuel cells since 2009.

New at F-Cell
The air compressors from Eberspächer Vairex are available as single-stage and two-stage compressors with volume flows of up to 75 grams per second and pressures of over 2 bar. The broad product portfolio includes solutions for fuel cells up to 50 kW. The air compressors are supplied as a complete system with brushless DC motors and corresponding controls matched to the power, voltage and control systems of the various applications. At F-Cell in Stuttgart, Germany, the company presents the VRB product line from the smallest VRB2 to the best-selling model VRB8. Multiple motor and controller options are available to meet a wide range of flow, pressure and voltage.

Also, on display is an example of the new product range VRC for fuel cells up to 150 kW for example in truck or bus applications. It is based on the same core technology adapted for larger, more powerful, higher pressure compressors. First prototypes are already in customer projects and verification tests.

Further, Eberspächer Vairex will use synergies based on this acquisition to broaden the product portfolio for fuel cells. Based on the technology of side channel blowers the team is working on hydrogen recirculation blowers (HRB). These are already in use in initial customer tests for both stationary and mobile applications.

Suitable for stationary and mobile applications
Fuel cells generate electricity from hydrogen and other fuels at very high efficiency are used for both stationary and mobile power. In mobile applications such as intralogistics, they ensure emission-free transport of goods. The air supply components from Eberspächer Vairex control fuel cell power output by precisely controlling the air supply needed to generate energy. This makes them an essential component for efficient fuel cells.

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