Doosan unveils vast array of new machines at Bauma


Doosan presented a vast display of new machinery products for the first time at last week’s Bauma exhibition. They included the new DX1000LC-7 100 tonne crawler excavator, a brand new 4×4 version of the DA45-7 articulated dump truck and its award-winning DL-7 family of wheel loaders.

The 100-tonne DX1000LC-7 Above: the DX1000LC-7 100 tonne excavator has the highest hydraulic flow for this size of machine

At Bauma, Doosan premiered the new DX1000LC-7 Stage V compliant 100 tonne crawler excavator, the largest excavator model ever manufactured by the company. Driven by the most powerful engine in the 100 tonne class, the DX1000LC-7 also has the highest hydraulic flow for this size of machine, providing best-in-class performance, with higher productivity, lower fuel consumption and smoother controls.

Like all Doosan excavators, much attention has been given to operator comfort and safety.  The DX1000LC-7 has a new, very spacious operator cab, equipped with ergonomic controls and instrumentation. Special care has been taken to ensure noise is kept to a minimum through enhanced sealing of the engine compartment and extensive use of sound-dampening materials.

Brand new ADT concept Above: the new DA45-7 ADT from Doosan performs better than RDTs in wet conditions

Another world premiere for Doosan at Bauma was the launch of the company’s new 4×4 articulated dump truck (ADT). Complementing the company’s standard, market-leading range of 6×6 ADT models, the new 4×4 version of the DA45-7 ADT is intended to compete with rigid dump trucks (RDTs) in the 40-tonne class. In the new 4×4 ADT, the front truck and cab unit is the same as in the original 6×6 model, with modifications being made on the rear dumper unit only. Featuring a ZF EP8-420 transmission, the 4×4 DA45-7 is a two-axle ADT with twin wheels at the rear, and with a dumper section similar to that on RDTs in the 40-tonne class.

Summarising the advantages over RDTs:

  • The 4×4 ADT can climb up bigger inclinations than equivalent RDTs
  • The 4×4 ADT performs better than RDTs in wet and slippery conditions
  • In heavy rain, RDTs may need to stop working – Doosan’s 4×4 ADT does not
  • Thanks to the short turning radius, the 4×4 ADT operates effectively on compact sites
  • The two axle 4×4 ADT design causes less ground disturbance than 6×6 configurations

Concept-X and XiteCloudAbove: XiteCloud is the first stage in commercialising Concept-X for automated unmanned integration 

One of the most important features of the Doosan stand at Bauma was the dedicated Innovation Centre, where the company unveiled the new generation XiteCloud ‘All-in-One Platform’ for Smart Construction. In 2019 in South Korea, Doosan introduced Concept-X, the world’s first unmanned automated and integrated control solution for construction, quarrying and mining sites. XiteCloud is the first stage in commercialising Concept-X.

Visitors to Bauma saw the latest developments in the XiteCloud system, as the company further expands its business portfolio into the field of construction site management, to complement its existing operations in manufacturing and sales of construction equipment.

New DL-7 wheel loaders

Making its first appearance at Bauma, the award-winning ‘DL-7’ wheel loader range from Doosan were represented by the DL200-7, DL280-7, DL420CVT-7 and the top-of-the-range DL580-7 models, four of eleven models in the range.

Redesigned buckets offering up to 7% more capacity ensure the new Doosan DL-7 wheel loaders provide easier and faster loading with maximum bucket capacities from 2.0 to 6.4 m3. This provides increased productivity for a very wide range of material-handling applications.

These include the transport and delivery of soil, sand, aggregates and other materials in industry, recycling, waste, construction, demolition, mining and quarrying. Doosan is also offering a wider choice of options to provide more work tools for a better match with applications, further increasing output.

The Z-kinematic lift arm delivers high breakout forces and lifting capacities, especially for heavy materials, and a large dump angle for efficiently unloading sticky materials. An optional high lift arm is available where higher dump heights and increased versatility are required.

The DX225LC-7X – Doosan‘s first Smart‘ excavator

Shown for the first time in the world at Bauma, the new DX225LC-7X – Doosan’s first ‘Smart’ crawler excavator is designed to help operators work faster and more efficiently. To facilitate this, the DX225LC-7X offers a number of exciting new features as standard, including Full Electric Hydraulic (FEH) technology.

Doosan excavators are well known for offering more innovative features as standard than other machines on the market. But the new DX225LC-7X smart model takes this to a new level. As well as the FEH system, other standard features of the DX225LC-7X include:

  • Integrated 2D Machine Guidance
  • Semi-Automatic 2D Machine Control
  • Laser Receiver
  • E-Fence Virtual Wall
  • Weighing System

In the latest development in the DX225LC-7X, the machine is now 3D Trimble-ready and Engcon ready as standard from the factory. Once the machine has been delivered to the customer, they can simply contact their local Trimble dealer for a 3D extension, as well as their local Engcon dealer to install a tiltrotator.

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