HydraForce and Epec renew business agreement


Off-highway motion control system design and manufacturing specialist Hydraforce has been officially authorised to distribute the full line of Epec electronic controllers, displays, and telematic products under the Epec brand name. Epec are specialists in mobile electronic controls and mobile electronic vehicle system technologies.

HydraForce will also replace the HydraForce-branded Backbone application development tool with the Epec MultiTool platform. In addition, HydraForce will promote and distribute the full line of electronic vehicle system technologies designed and manufactured by Epec Oy, such as Power Distribution Units (PDU), Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Control Units (HCU) and Autonomous and Assistance Systems (AAS) as well as simulation-based systems engineering services for off-highway vehicles. 

Epec Oy will support HydraForce with high quality production capabilities and software system support. HydraForce application engineering experts will integrate the Epec products with HydraForce’s electro-hydraulic systems and provide software application development support for customers globally. The two companies have a long history of cooperation working under a private labelling distribution agreement for the past ten years. The purpose for the updated partnership agreement is to expand the product offering of Epec products to HydraForce customers and increase the speed to market for new advanced mobile electronic systems to the off-highway market. 

“This new agreement allows HydraForce to promote and sell the entire Epec product-line under the Epec brand name,” says Russ Schneidewind, business development director for HydraForce. “New products and updates to existing products will be efficiently distributed to customers using HydraForce and Epec systems on their machines under the new agreement. The Epec product has been well-received in the marketplace. Customers appreciate the high quality, robust product that is offered currently under the HydraForce brand name. In addition, the flexibility and programmability afforded by Epec’s use of CODESYS programming software offers customers the ability to easily differentiate their machine controls from the competition.: 

Epec managing director Jyri Kylä-Kaila added, “We are excited to further deepen our collaboration with HydraForce and our cooperation with HydraForce creates high value for customers. Future off-highway machines are getting increasingly complex and electronics and software needs, including functional safety, are growing. Hydraforce is offering best in class motion control solutions and Epec is offering the world’s leading electronics and software solutions. Therefore, the collaboration significantly improves customers’ possibilities to design and manufacture sustainable, energy efficient future off-highway vehicles with ever better efficiency, performance and productivity.” 

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