Wacker Neuson optimises two largest wheel dumpers


Wacker Neuson is presenting new versions of its two biggest wheel dumpers: the models DW60 and DW90. Both offer impressive additional options, improved safety features and even more comfort.

Combined with sophisticated equipment features such as the hydrostatic 4-wheel drive with automatic ECO mode and auto-stop function, working even more economically is possible with these two dumpers. The DW60 and DW90, with their combination of high payloads of 6,000 and 9,000 kilograms, compact dimensions and optimum off-road capability thanks to the articulated pendulum joint, have already proven themselves in many applications. After extensive reworking, their equipment now includes the environment-friendly and simultaneously productive diesel engines of emission standard Stage V.

“With the further development of our biggest dumper models, it was important for us to keep time-tested and proven features and add the newest features,” says Stefan Bogner, spokesman for management at Wacker Neuson Linz GmbH, the center of expertise in excavators and dumpers at Wacker Neuson. “This way, we’re able to offer our customers powerful and efficient machines with high safety standards for material transport – even on uneven terrain.”

Both models are equipped as standard with a front tip skip. For the DW60 model, a swivel tip skip can be selected which can be variably turned 180 degrees and can be filled with material from the side. This allows working economically, for example in filling trenches or in small spaces, as no maneuvering is necessary.

Powerful top performers

Especially on uneven ground, both the DW60 and DW90 dumpers demonstrate their strength. Thanks to the hydrostatic 4-wheel drive, they are easy to operate: The operator just engages the forward or reverse gear; then, he can concentrate fully on his work. The pleasant driving experience is enhanced by the continuously constant tractive force of 0 to the maximum speed, as well as the hydrostatic brake effect, which begins as soon as the foot comes off the gas pedal.

In addition, the automatic brake lights light up when the machine slows, making the construction site area safer. With their intuitive and simple operation and sturdy method of design, the machines are particularly good for applications in rental parks, or suitable for frequent changes in operators. The automatic ECO mode of the machines ensures minimal consumption with optimum power use, with the automatic decrease in idling speed and efficient coordination of the electronically controlled drive system and diesel engine. This results in cost savings on the one hand and environmental protection on the other.

Another feature contributing to exhaust emission reduction is the standard auto-stop function: this shuts the machine off automatically after a predefined period of time not in use. At the same time, electric consumers such as headlamps are also switched off to conserve the machine’s battery. The advantages: operating costs are reduced, maintenance intervals become longer, and the resale value of the machine is accordingly higher.

More safety on the construction site

On the dumpers DW60 and DW90, a spring-loaded parking brake provides more safety on the construction site, going into operation automatically when the engine is switched off – the operator does not have to activate it manually. The brake included in the standard components of the machine is designed to be wear-free, which makes it very durable and reliable.

Various options make the dumpers the sure choice for a wide range of applications: the skip grating, developed and tested based on ISO 10262, protects the operator and the cabin from falling material when loading as well as when driving. With durable LED front and rear work lights, the dumpers are well-equipped for safe material transport when the view is poor, or at night. To alert all persons in the area that the dumpers are being operated in reverse gear, a new reverse alarm with broadband tone increases the attention of the entire construction site environment.

The optional safety belt, easily visible from the exterior, a green rotating beacon to show the safety belt has been attached, and the entry in signal color additionally increase safety at work with the dumpers.

 Work comfortably – increase efficiency

The high-quality standard equipment in the operating area – with or without cabin – makes the operator’s everyday work easier and provides more efficiency. The time-tested and proven joystick operation concept means one hand can always stay on the steering wheel, and the other hand can complete many important functions such as dump operation or changes in speed or travel direction, all with one hand. The sturdy, multi-functional 7-inch color display of the IP69 protection class ensures a quick overview of all the machine’s functions and displays the images from the front- and rear-view cameras.

A spacious safety cabin option is offered on both dumpers that provides protection from external influences and ensures a pleasant working environment in every kind of weather. Both dumper cabins fulfill ROPS & FOPS level 2 specifications as standard. The cabins are designed to bring all stowage options and control elements into optimal reach for the operator. An optional air-conditioning system, standard equipment with laminated safety glass in front, and a radio with intercommunication station are the highlights. The easily reachable service and maintenance accesses simplify and save time on daily checks, just as on regular service and maintenance.


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