Sunlight-readable high-tech displays


A high level of clear readability – especially in the case of strong sunlight – is an important requirement for displays in many industrial vehicle applications. Operators are often dependent on the performance of their displays so as not to endanger safety or the project being carried out. How is it possible to create displays that offer the required resistance to strong sunlight?

SemsoTec, a high-tech company based in Munich, Germany, which specializes in display technology including complete customized hardware solutions for industries such as automotive and off-highway, has developed a special process using optical bonding.

“With this innovative new process, individual elements of the display are bonded together using an optical material, which in the case of a touchscreen includes the operating element, the display and the sensor. The result is suppression of the disrupting reflection of sunlight and enhancement of contrast level,” says Jochen Semmelbauer, SemsoTec CEO.

LC-Displays from SemsoTec can achieve a high brightness level of up to 1,000cd/m². This value defines the amount of light that is produced on the outside surface of the display, describing exactly the light intensity characteristic on this surface. Using this technology, special displays are also very readable even in the case of strong sunlight under the most difficult of conditions.

For many industrial applications, this combination of reliability and toughness (rugged design) will be indispensable under the influence of extreme environmental conditions.

3 July 2015


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