Southco unveils counterbalance hinge mechanism for heavy lifting


Southco, the provider of access solutions hardware and positioning technologies, has launched a counterbalance hinge system designed for use in applications that involve repeated heavy lifting.

The design of the CA counterbalance hinge has been developed for a wider industrial audience following huge success in a number of bespoke projects. The latest addition to its successful line of position control hinges, the CA Counterbalance Hinge design features an integrated spring system which enables heavy lids to be lifted and positioned with minimal operating effort. By reducing the level of exertion required, this grants end users full control over the range of motion of heavy objects such as industrial lids and panels.

Counterbalance hinges present a number of performance advantages over gas springs, the most widely used alternative in applications which require repetitive heavy lifting. Drawing on decades of experience in friction hinge technology, the CA counterbalance hinge from Southco is based on a mechanical hinge, making it inherently more reliable. In contrast, gas springs are less predictable, carrying increased potential for gas leaks, spontaneous failure and issues around seal components.

Counterbalance hinges offer greater design flexibility in the form of a more compact design, allowing them to be positioned more freely than their gas spring equivalents. Unlike gas springs, they can also be adjusted to meet the unique demands of the application. In certain industries where hygiene is critical, particularly in medical and food, this reduced footprint allows for easier access for cleaning, which addresses concerns around cleanliness.

Global Product Manager, Todd Schwanger, said, “Our unrivalled expertise in positioning technology has enabled us to produce counterbalance mechanisms that can be fine-tuned to the feel of the lid or panel, eliminating the need for constant readjustment. Southco hinges are subject to extensive testing, minimizing the need for maintenance and downtime by guaranteeing a minimum life cycle of at least 20k cycles of operation.”

October 14, 2016


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