Naïo and Varta join forces to revolutionise agricultural robotics solutions


Naïo Technologies, experts in agricultural robotics solutions, and Varta, a leader in innovation and key battery technology, are in collaboration to create an autonomous transportable charging station for robots to offer higher performing robotics solutions to farmers. The first prototype will be presented at the FIRA 2020 from 8th to 10th December 2020.

The objective of this collaboration is shared by both companies: providing end-to-end solutions allowing for a remote charging station where no connection to the electricity grid is necessary. This will be possible due to wireless solar or regenerative solutions, reducing the user interaction during operation. When robots run out of battery, they will navigate to their charging trailers by themselves. Both Naïo and VARTA aim to provide farmers with the possibility to make use of a robot for 24 hours without worrying about power supply. This will be a major advantage especially during high farming season.

Varta sees agricultural robotics as an emerging growth market: “Bringing our expertise and experience to agrobots means that Naïo Technologies as a market leader can focus on their core strength: making the combination of robotics and farming a full success. VARTA will enable the robots to work more efficiently, as our power management solution will make charging faster, more flexible and much easier, while our advanced battery technology will allow for higher performance,” say Steve Saunders, account manager UK and France at Varta.

Two proofs of concept have been launched to test the solutions feasibility: The first one will integrate VARTA’s batteries in Oz, the first robot of Naïo Technologies dedicated to market gardeners and already used by more than 120 farmers. The robot is targeted to gain greater than 30% more autonomy. The second proof of concept consists of creating a solar charging station which can be used directly in the fields. These field charging stations will be a world first for agricultural robotics.

“Thanks to our historical background in the agricultural robotics environment, we can easily exchange with Varta about the existing challenges from a user point of view. As for all our robots, our priority is to offer to the end users, the farmers, an easy solution with the fewest possible constraints for their daily activities. Thanks to Varta’s renowned expertise, we are really excited to continue moving forward in this direction,” concludes Gaëtan Severac, co-founder of Naïo Technologies.

The first prototype will be presented at the FIRA 2020, International Forum of Agricultural Robotics, taking place from 8th to 10th December 2020 on a digital platform.

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