Versatile 610DT showcased at Agritechnica


Versatile has showcased its powerful but cost-effective tractor at Agritechnica 2017. The 610DT is available in three models, with power ranging from 520hp to 605hp from the 15-liter Cummins engine and a Caterpillar powershift transmission.

Versatile marketing director Adam Reid said at the German trade show event this week that there were a number of new features on the new machine: “The engines are now Tier 4 final on this latest 610DT model and they offer 15% more pulling power at the tracks thanks to a changed gear set.

“We have also incorporated a new braking system which sees another disc being added at the rear meaning two rear and one frontal braking system.”

Reid said these tractors also boast a new suspended cab to increase operator comfort and there is a new cab internal touchscreen terminal for extra ease of use. When quizzed on what the current policy was with Versatile into looking at alternative engine solutions Reid was quite clear: “Options for alternative energy power on these larger tractors are scarce but of course we are keeping an eye on developments.

“However, I have to say Versatile will follow Cummins’ lead on this and will keep in close contact with them about any developments.”

The DeltaTrack uses a positive drive system to reduce wear, friction and heat. Track slippage is eliminated by interlocking track lugs into the drive wheel, and the DeltaTrack keeps 6.5 lugs engaged with the drive wheel at all times to eliminate slippage between the track and drive wheel.

The DeltaTrack uses the largest drive lugs in the industry at 8.5in (215.9mm) to maximize operating life, and uses the heavy-duty Cat TA22 powershift transmission with 16 forward and four reverse gears. A large selection of working gears is available to match almost any application.

The TA22 is fully programmable for autoshift and speed matching. The DeltaTrack is capable of road speeds up to 22mph (35km/h).

By Chris McCullough

November 17, 2017

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