Thermamax reduces farm machinery fire risk


Thermamax has developed insulation cladding for agricultural equipment that will reduce the risk of the machines catching fire.

A large number of the fires in agricultural machinery start in the engine compartment. Chief causes are the high surface temperatures on components such as turbochargers, elbows and exhaust pipework, which can reach 750°C.

Various studies recommend heat protection systems for machinery with high surface temperatures and flammable deposits. With its Tmax-Insulation Cladding, Thermamax has been proposing insulation systems for many years that efficiently solve exactly this requirement: they prevent the escape of dangerous temperatures from critical components such as turbochargers, exhaust pipework and elbows.

Tmax-Insulation Cladding comprises three components in a cassette design: the outer shell, the insulating material and the inner shell. The non-jacketed components are thermally insulated. Combustible deposits can no longer accumulate on the surfaces and temperature-sensitive components in the immediate area are protected from excess heat.

Surface temperatures are reduced down to approximately 220°C to 180°C, drastically cutting the fire risk.

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September 29, 2017


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