Red is the color –for Zetor wheels


Most people perceive red to be a stimulating color, and this color is popular with people who desire adventure and success. Red symbolizes courage, stamina and fortitude. And, moreover, it is ageless – it has been considered modern and unusual practically throughout history and the fairer sex has a weakness for it as well. Employees of the Zetor factory in Brno, Czech Republic, took these aspects into consideration when thinking about how to innovate their traditionally red tractors. The solution was not long in coming. Why not color the wheels, which had been grey until now, red?

And so Zetor Tractors has begun manufacturing all its tractor model series with red wheels. The new Zetor Crystal model was the first of the family to be introduced with red wheels in June.

“According to a number of surveys, red evokes passion and indestructibility. In the case of Zetor tractors, the red wheels symbolize the indomitable desire to persistently work under all conditions”, said Margaréta Víghová, director of the corporate communication division at Zetor Tractors.

Adam Žert, director of the sales and marketing division, added, “This year in June, Zetor introduced its newest and most powerful tractor model, the Crystal, which is the first Zetor model in history to have red wheels. The remaining models in the marque’s product portfolio will enjoy this transformation from September 1. The first tractors with red wheels are now being manufactured and will be delivered to customers during the last quarter of this year.”

September 28, 2015


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