Paul Forrer develops advanced pneumatic brake system


Swiss-based Paul Forrer has launched an advanced pneumatic brake system that meets new regulations for agricultural and forestry vehicles.

Under the updated guidelines, newly-purchased agricultural and forestry vehicle brake systems must include an anti-freeze pump or dehumidifier integrated. Furthermore, as per ISO 7638-2, an electrical connector (5/7 pole ABS plug) must be installed on the towing vehicle. This connector will allow for the brake system to be monitored electronically from the trailer, as well as for the trailer to be towed with automatic braking systems (ABS) or electronic braking systems (EBS).

A Paul Forrer spokesman said, “Although wear and tear is greater due to the trailer constantly overbraking, the trailer can still be used without reaching a safety-critical level.

On the other hand, the situation becomes dangerous when an older trailer is attached to a new towing vehicle: in front, the driver’s required braking performance is achieved with a relatively lower brake pressure, but this results in a lack of pressure or reduced braking performance on the trailer in back.”

The new line, with its male connector coupling (as per ISO 16028:2006/DIN 10), maintains a continuous, constant pressure of 15–35 bar. A drop in the pressure in this line causes the trailer to brake automatically. An electrical connector (5/7 pole ABS plug, as per ISO 7638-2) is installed on the towing vehicle, both to monitor the trailer electronically and to tow trailers with EBS.

Intelligent trailer brake valves on the towing vehicle are downward compatible and can accommodate both older single-circuit or new dual-circuit brake systems.

The new dual-circuit pneumatic brake also meets the same requirements as brakes systems on lorries.

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