McCormick upgrades X7 Series


McCormick has announced the introduction of hassle-free emissions technology and an upgraded transmission for its latest generation of tractors. 

The X7 Series will now incorporate the P6-Drive transmission that increases speed as well as improving refinement in the cab. The new transmission also provides up to two extra powershift steps and an additional range for greater speed control versatility.

The range also now includes a more powerful model with 205hp output at its disposal for draft work and up to 225hp for transport applications. 

“The McCormick X7 Series tractors have delivered excellent performance and driver comfort from the outset but these enhancements make a great tractor even better,” said Ray Spinks, sales director and general manager at McCormick distributor AgriArgo UK.

Hydraulics performance is also uprated by a new 160-liter/min option available in place of the 123-liter/min closed center load-sensing system that is fitted as standard on high-spec Premium versions.

Inside the spacious cab, the headland management system has more features and is now set up in the Data Screen Manager control center, which also provides more transport mode information and a remote camera feed. A re-profiled right-hand inner fender on the premium models creates more space for the armrest console so the seat can swivel further for an easier view to the rear.

Semi-active cab suspension is a new alternative to the standard mechanical springing to further improve the already comfortable ride qualities of the McCormick X7 Series tractors. The spring rate is relatively soft under normal circumstances for maximum comfort, but quickly stiffens in response to the tractor lurching over a bump or into a hollow.

Power outputs starting with the X7.440 at 141hp draft, 150hp pto/transport are broadly equivalent to the preceding Pro-Drive line-up. But the 4.5-liter and 6.7-liter McCormick Betapower engines now meet Euro Stage IV / US Tier 4 Final emissions rules without any extra hardware.

“While some tractor engines are now very complex with every possible emissions control solution, the Betapower engines supplied to our requirements by FPT have just AdBlue injection and an oxidation catalyst,” said Spinks.

“The lack of a particulate filter is especially welcome because it means there are no delays or fuel being burned while the filter cleans itself, and there are no additional servicing requirements. So on emissions, it is business as usual.”

Things are different in the power transmission department, however, in that the new ZF Terramatic transaxle provides an increase in the number of ratios available and the powershift steps in each of the five ranges.

Two versions are available – a 30 forward, 15 reverse transmission with 6-speed powershift; and a creep version that adds lower speeds for specialist applications as well as additional ratios throughout the 0-40km/h or 0-50km/h spectrum.

The new Smart APS feature can be selected to automatically sustain the operator’s required engine speed by shifting powershift and range gears as necessary. Also, the tractor can be operated using just the brake pedal with the new combined brake and clutch feature called ‘Stop & Action’.

“This is ideal for loader work and for negotiating road junctions,” said Spinks. “Stop & Action also ensures mechanical sympathy for the drivetrain and is more comfortable for the driver.”

Five of the seven models in the latest McCormick X7 Series line-up can have the VT-Drive stepless transmission for seamless acceleration, ultra-fine speed control, optimum powertrain management strategies for different applications, and a smooth, easy driving experience for the operator.

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