John Deere introduces semi-automated combines


John Deere has announced a range of semi-automated combines for the UK and Irish markets is to be launched next year. The S700 Series of rotary combine models features the company’s most advanced grain harvesting technology and builds on the S600 range introduced in 2012.

“These new S700 Series combines are the result of enhancements to our previous models that optimize and automate harvesting operations for both coarse and small grains,” said John Deere’s European combines product manager, Carsten Heftrig.

“We’ve increased the overall intelligence of these combines by automating more adjustments and calibration tasks. We’ve also improved the lifetime durability and productivity of our front-end equipment to create a high-performance harvesting solution unlike any other on the market today.”

To make it easier for operators to maximize the performance of these new combines, John Deere has introduced Integrated Combine Adjustment (ICA2). After optimizing machine settings such as throughput, grain quality and losses, and cleanliness of the sample using ICA, the ICA2 system changes both the threshing and cleaning system settings automatically to maintain the pre-selected output at a consistent level, whatever the harvesting conditions.

Two ActiveVision cameras give the operator a view into the tailings and clean grain elevators via the cab display. The system constantly analyzes this information from the cameras along with the loss sensors to maintain optimal threshing, separating and cleaning performance based on the operator-set targets.

Three weigh cells inside the grain tank automatically measure the change in weight as the tank fills. The system compares this measurement with those of the mass flow and moisture sensors to calibrate the yield data constantly. It is also designed to compensate for shifting grain when harvesting on slopes or if the combine stops.

August 18, 2017


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