FPT participates in first complete biogas value chain


FPT has been involved in the first successful biogas value chain ever to be completed in France this week.

The milestone in industrial history for the country means each stage of the production of the natural gas ingredient is carried out there.

The process begins in Cestas, close to Bordeaux, at a site producing carrots and leeks, where 30 tons of plant biomass is collected on a daily basis and fed into a biodigester. Following a fermentation and digestion of the matter by bacteria, biogas is generated, containing elements of biomethane as well as other gases.

The raw biogas is then refined, leaving only the biomethane which is ready to be injected into the natural gas network.

Close to the biomethane site, a new station has been built dedicated to providing a pump for natural-gas-powered vehicles to fill up with the compressed and liquefied form of the gas.

Alternative power
FPT powered many of the vehicles involved in making the project a success, including a New Holland methane-powered concept tractor and the Iveco Stralis NP, as well as the Iveco buses shuttling guests from one site to the other that were also run on natural gas.

Last year, FPT Industrial launched the Cursor 13 Natural Gas that delivers power up to 460hp at 1,900rpm and torque up to 2,000Nm at 1,100rpm.

The year before was the Cursor 9 Natural Gas engine, which has a six-cylinder architecture and is meant for applications such as heavy haulage, garbage collection, city and intercity transportation. The Cursor 9 Natural Gas offers power up to 400hp at 2,000rpm, and torque up to 1700Nm at 1,200 rpm, while at the same time having emissions lower than Euro VI limits.

FPT Industrial has also developed more compact solutions, both for industrial vehicles and for light commercial ones. As for the first category, the N60 Natural Gas engine is the most compact and efficient solution in the 6-18 ton truck range.

Characterized by a 6-liter displacement and a 6-cylinder architecture, this engine delivers high power, which can reach a peak of 204hp at 2700rpm, and a high torque, 750Nm at 1400rpm, with any load and on any route. Moreover, compared to its diesel equivalent, it allows fuel cost savings up to 30%.

FPT participates in first complete biogas value chain

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