Bobcat launches new range of telescopic loaders for agriculture


A new range of telescopic loaders has been launched by Bobcat for the agricultural industry, backed by a three year warranty as standard. Manufactured at the company’s plant at Pontchâteau (Loire Atlantique) in France, the five new models for the farming market covering maximum lifting capacities between 2.6t and 3.8t with lifting heights from 6 to 7m.

They are designated using a new naming system showing lifting capacity/lifting height performance at a glance: TL26.60 and TL30.60 Compact productivity models, and TL35.70, TL34.65HF and TL38.70HF Productivity and High Flow models (the TL34.65HF will not be sold in countries with lesser regulated emission standards).

The majority of the models are also available as Agri versions, with a number of additional features providing higher comfort and productivity to meet most farming requirements. For markets in EMEA, high performance is ensured by a Bobcat D34 Stage IV/Tier 4 Final compliant diesel engine developed in-house. For lesser regulated markets, the new generation telescopic loaders are available with Perkins 1104D-44TA or 1104D-E44TA Stage IIIA/Tier 3 diesel engines.

The Stage IV engine offers enhanced performance and is available in three different sizes:

• A 55.2kW (75hp)/325Nm engine model offering cost efficient operation, without DEF injection and involving only a DOC as aftertreatment technology;

• A 74.5kW (100hp)/430Nm engine model for heavy operations, with DOC and SCR with DEF injection after-treatment technologies;

• A 97kW (130hp)/500Nm unit utilizing DOC and SCR with DEF injection aftertreatment technologies, for tough applications requiring more power.

All of these engines share the same electronic fuel injection, High Pressure Common Rail technology, turbocharged air management, and Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation for lower emissions, and do not require the use of DPF technology.

The TL34.65HF is a brand new high productivity model providing a maximum lift capacity of 3.4 tonnes at the maximum lift height of 6.42m. HF/High Flow Technology, also available on the TL38.70HF model, offers outstanding hydraulic capabilities and performance with a class-leading 190 l/min load sensing pump (150 l/min at the auxiliary line) and flow sharing distributor.

This allows the operator to work at significantly lower speeds, consume less fuel and benefit from remarkably shorter working cycles. To prevent unnecessary oil heating and power loss, the load sensing pump supplies oil only when hydraulic power is required. If required, the full oil volume is available immediately, thanks to the Quick start system.

Other important performance aspects of the new range include two different overall machine heights on the TL26.60 and TL30.60, which are available with a cab that can be mounted in two different ways – in a low position that results in the very low 2.1m height, or a higher position to optimize visibility.

On the TL35.70, replacing the TL470, there is an improved load chart providing an additional 500kg of lifting capacity at the maximum lifting height (6.97m). On the TL38.70HF, replacing the TL470HF, there is an improved load chart providing a 300kg increase from 3.5 to 3.8 tonnes in the rated lifting capacity.

All the models offer new features providing higher comfort and productivity, including Power lift, an efficient lifting technology that optimizes the use of hydraulic flows between telescopic boom cylinders to increase the lifting capacity. Boom Cushion Retract automatically slows down the boom speed when the boom is nearly fully retracted or at min/max angles, increasing safety and operator confidence.

An automatic parking brake enhances safety and operator convenience, while the high comfort air suspension seat, including longitudinal and low frequency suspensions, offers many adjustments to provide the most comfortable drive position.

There is also an automatic fan inverter, whereby a cycle time can be set for cleaning radiators and the air in-take grill; a simple way to maintain efficient cooling.

September 9, 2016

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