AGCO-Solinftec solution promises savings and improved efficiency


AGCO, a global leader in agricultural machinery is enabling a direct connection with Solinftec on telemetry-equipped RoGator and TerraGator application equipment. This joint solution reduces idle time, increasing revenue-generating activities and the quality of service to farmers.

Solinftec’s end-to-end solutions maximise logistical efficiency across the supply chain, eliminating bottlenecks in application and tendering. Across the four million applied acres deploying the company’s solution in the United States’ Corn Belt, customers have realised a significant improvement in their annual revenue by increasing the number of applied acres per machine per year by up to 5,000 acres. Globally, Solinftec has over 100,000 daily users, coverage of 22 million acres, and over 85% market share in the sugar cane segment in Brazil where the company began.

In 2019, AGCO and Solinftec entered a strategic partnership focused on bringing greater efficiency to agricultural operations in South America, with AGCO dealers in the region offering the Solinftec solution as an aftermarket product. The results Solinftec delivered in both sugar cane and row crop operations led the two companies to agree to jointly present the solution on application equipment in the North American market.

“We are excited to take our partnership with Solinftec to the next level by offering our ag retailer customers an easy way to save money and cover more acres with Solinftec’s solution on our RoGator and TerraGator application equipment in North America,” said Seth Crawford, general manager, precision ag and digital for AGCO.

“After years of developing a strong relationship in South America, we are eager to be expanding our strategic partnership with AGCO,” said Britaldo Hernandez, CEO and founder of Solinftec. “As Solinftec’s global footprint quickly evolves, we are happy to have AGCO as a key partner to help us continue to provide real value to our customers.”

The new, direct connection offers AGCO customers with active AGCO Connect subscriptions the option to subscribe to the Solinftec offering without purchasing and installing additional telemetry hardware, which streamlines access to Solinftec’s solution for the connected AGCO fleet.

Through this connection, Solinftec customers will be able to accurately see parameters from their connected AGCO machines modelled on the AI Solinftec platform to get a highly accurate picture of where inefficiencies are occurring and how they can be addressed in real time.

Customers can access this information and generate efficiency reports on the cloud-based Solinftec platform at any time. The software calculates the best efficiency application scenarios and recommends a dispatching model for scheduling operators. Weather information is also integrated into the Solinftec solution, allowing users to modify their original plan based on potential weather events.


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