FEATURE: Q&A with the president of Mecalac


Alexandre Marchetta, president of the Mecalac Group, offers up his view on the industry and his company’s vision of pragmatism


Innovation is the foundation of your DNA. How do you manage to constantly enrich your ranges with relevant machines?

We live in a world in motion and we listen to it. We move forward with the challenges of our customers and the users of our machines, offering them solutions. Always based on our fundamentals and our core business: compactness, versatility, safety, agility, ergonomics, and performance.

The electric range is our strategic response to the policy of cities seeking ever more environmentally friendly urban worksites. Our challenge? To work without restriction with electric machines, as with combustion engines.

In the same way, our new range of MCL compact loaders meets a demand for versatility, agility and safety in market segments such as agriculture, landscaping, rental and construction. Finally, our Revotruck dumper provides a unique solution that combines ease of use and accessibility, making material transport smarter and safer.

Mecalac remains an industrial group that constantly questions the needs of its customers, capitalizes on its know-how and experience, through pragmatism and technological innovation. In order to make a tangible difference and provide real added value in the field.

The current economic and political context, which can be described as unprecedented, is necessarily at the heart of your concerns. Can you give us your vision and its impact on your activity?

Managing is about anticipating. In the context that we are experiencing since 2020, my concern is obviously to anticipate and adjust the Group’s global strategy. But, beyond that, to maintain constructive, trusting and stable relationships with our environment: suppliers, distributors, customers and, of course, Mecalac Group employees. They are the foundation of our activity and the stakeholders of our sustainable success.

We have to adapt to a new economic and political equation that necessarily impacts the entire manufacturing and distribution chain of our machines and at the same time accompany, listen to and reassure each stakeholder in this chain. Like our products, our management strategy is designed to be agile, efficient, innovative and reassuring for people. We work to keep the human being at the center of our business model.

How have you adjusted your development strategy in this continuing economic climate?

The Mecalac Group is now present in 86 countries. We strongly believe in the need to respond precisely to the expectations of each profession and each country. Because each profession has its own constraints, because each country has its own culture, we build machines that respect these differences while integrating essential points such as the safety of people on the worksites, the overall ergonomics of the machines and the operational relevance in these different urban environments.

Our goal is to foster the stability and growth of existing partner networks, to continue to build recognition where we are present:

  • The USA has become a significant market for Mecalac and there is great potential to exploit. Our concept is progressively developing throughout the continent.
  • In Europe, the construction industry is dynamic, with significant sales volumes, although the ecosystem remains fragile. EU stimulus packages have supported the construction sector and, as a result, preserved our own industry.
  • In Germany, the objective is to consolidate the Mecalac network. It is a strategic destination for the Group.                              

What were your business challenges for this year’s edition of Bauma 2022?

For more than a year, the Group deployed its presence in national road shows, local trade shows and events organized with our dealers. An event strategy that promotes proximity to the field and qualitative exchanges.

With this in mind, the Mecalac stand at Bauma 2022 was designed to intensify relations with our customers and prospects. Our new products, Revotruck dumpers, MCL loaders and electric machines, were presented in static and dynamic demonstrations, allowing visitors to appreciate all their features and advantages in a real working environment.

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