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Elektrobit Automotive GmbH
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91058 Erlangen, Germany
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Elektrobit (EB) is an industry leading supplier of automotive and industrial vehicle software and has a proven record in embedded and connected software development for over two decades. EB provides technologies and flexible software platforms, tools, and services to help automotive and industrial vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers deliver the best products and services in order to meet the needs of drivers.

Elektrobit’s product for industrial vehicles includes its EB GUIDE 6 HMI development toolchain. EB GUIDE 6 is an all-in-one, product for creating executable specifications, modeling, rapid prototyping, simulation and target deployment of multimodal HMI applications.


  • A single toolchain for creating HMIs utilizing multiple modalities
  • A single toolchain for creating HMIs utilizing multiple modalities
    • Graphics, touch and speech
  • One tool for the whole HMI team
    • Supports multiple developers working simultaneously on the same HMI model across different locations
    • Single tool to model dynamic behavior
    • Branch and merge feature to branch software models and merge them later
  • WYSIWYG through model-based HMI development
    • Prototype and test your UI on target devices during development and revise your UI in the model without manipulating source code
    • Manage multiple versions of models or brand variants
    • Leverage multi-language support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and more
    • Create and share re-usable components across projects
    • Leverage 3D rendering engine that enables the creation of 3D HMIs that can be manipulated directly contributing to a more immersive user experience



  • Easy to manage complex user interfaces
  • Saves cost and time by optimizing the development process
  • Create and share re-usable components across projects, ensuring consistency and letting you get a jump start on the next HMI project



EB GUIDE is free to download for evaluation from our download page. Download the Community edition of EB GUIDE 6 – https://www.elektrobit.com/ebguide/try-eb-guide/.
Register for an EB GUIDE 6 training workshop – https://www.elektrobit.com/training/eb-guide-basic-6-training/

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