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Liebherr Reachstacker LRS 545: cabin features

Launched in June 2015, the new Liebherr reachstacker, the LRS 545, unites state-of-the-art technology, design and environmental-friendliness, explains Matthias Mungenast, Liebherr sales director for mobile harbor cranes and reachstackers.

Total recall, total disaster

Managing director of leading leaf chain supplier FB Chain, Peter Church says the latest automotive product recalls should make every manufacturer review not only their own tracking systems, but those of their suppliers too.

Show some respect

As engineering director of ABT Products, Tim Morris found much to empathise with after reading the Insider’s column in our March 2013 issue

Whatever you want?

Metin Simsek, training and technical publications manager, marketing, sales & aftersales services at Hidromek, responds to Design for (your) life

Psychology rules!

The Insider column in our November 2010 issue on the subject of OEMs wasting their engineering resources opened up some healthy debate. Here’s one of the highlights…

Fanning the flames

The author works in the marketing department of a leading off-highway component supplier.

Looking at the Fenix system – Volvo’s futuristic answer to road laying – I cannot help thinking that while the system is quite novel, the name certainly is not. One does not have to look too far into the road-paving business (particularly if you are heading west in the British Isles) to come across an extremely long established company that manufactures a wide range of road laying equipment (and incidentally chipping spreaders) going by the name of ‘Phoenix’ (both pronounced the same way).

Quality Street

The author works in the marketing department of a leading off-highway component supplier

I often wonder in the future whether we as a race will ever actually develop any really new machinery. OK, so we may improve on what we have and as technology (hopefully) develops many aspects of the structure of the vehicles may improve to varying degrees through better use of material and processes and embracing new methodology or machining.