Liebherr Reachstacker LRS 545: cabin features


Eleven years after the delivery of the first Liebherr reachstacker, the manufacturer has developed a new machine for the market. Launched in June 2015 the new LRS 545 unites state-of-the-art technology, design and environmental-friendliness.

Driver comfort has been ranked highly during the development phase. “Visibility, driveability and comfort – that’s what drivers can expect from our new reachstacker. This allows for high performance in a relaxed manner,” says Matthias Mungenast, sales director for Liebherr mobile harbor cranes and reachstackers. The Liebherr reachstacker’s newly designed cabin contributes to the driver’s comfort – Mungenast explains how.

What influenced the design of the LRS 545 cabin?

The general design of the cabin is based on two decisive factors. First of all, we obtained opinions and input from our longtime customers that already operated the predecessor model LRS 645. We analyzed their valuable feedback and utilized it in our design process.

The second key factor was the well-tested cabin of the Liebherr wheeled loader, which served as an important inspiration for the LRS 545 cabin, the development of which took place in close cooperation with the design departments of other Liebherr product divisions.

Was the LRS 545’s cab manufactured in-house or sourced?

It was designed by Liebherr; production is outsourced.

What is the size and volume of the cab? 

It’s approximately 2.7m³.

What are the ROPS/FOPS statistics?

We comply with the EN 1459 standard for reachstackers and industry trucks. This standard also covers the protection of the cabin.

What are the internal noise levels and how have they been achieved?

Up to now we haven’t done tests concerning the internal noise levels, but they will follow soon.

How many square meters of glass does it employ, and have curved, straight or any other special kinds of glass been used?

The window sections are constructed of tinted anti-glare toughened safety glass. Up to 5.9m² of glass provides an excellent view and ensures safe cargo handling. The front screen is curved and both side screens are straight.

What other aspects improve visibility?

The visual field to the front is excellent. Due to the curved window design there is no metal frame blocking the driver’s view of the cargo or the surroundings. Furthermore, there is no A-pillar at the transition from the front to the side windows, which could block the view. The outstanding panorama is completed by the wedge shape design of the chassis.

The optimally placed side mirrors and wide-angle mirrors, in combination with the special shaped design of the counterweight and the rear view camera, ensure a large rear field of vision.

The front window is electrically heatable and, as an additional option, electrically heatable windows will also be available for the rear and roof windows. The mirrors are mechanically and electrically adjustable, with heatable side-mirrors also available.

The new LRS 545 includes options for two spreader cameras, which provide an optimal view on the twist locks to ensure highly efficient container handling.

What is the standard lighting package, and what benefits does it offer?

The standard lightning package comes with halogen lights and provides a very good illumination of the working area. [Specifications include]:

Halogen driving light:

• Front: 2 x high beam, 2 x low beam, 2 x direction indicator;

• Back: 2 x stop light, 2 x direction indicator, 2 x reversing light, 2 x red reflectors

Halogen working light:

• Mudguard: 2 x working light;

• Chassis: 2 x working light, 2 x working light, 2 x warning beacon;

• Boom: 2 x working light, 2 x working light;

• Spreader: 2 x working light;

• Cabin: 2 x positioning light.

What’s the premium lighting package and the benefits it offers?

It is made up of LED lights instead of halogen lights; the long-life LED lights are extremely energy efficient and provide excellent illumination of the working area.

How have you tackled reducing whole body vibrations?

A unique Liebherr suspension system for the cabin ensures that any vibration is reduced to an unnoticeable minimum. Thanks to the unique decoupling of the hydraulic system and the power pack from the steelwork of the chassis, most of the vibrations harming the cabin are studiously avoided in advance.

What benefits does the standard seat offer and how does the premium seat option compare?

[The standard seat] is a mechanically adjustable seat with seat belts; the premium seat is air suspended, adjustable and electrically heatable.

The seat height, pan angle and depth, as well as the shock absorber (hard, medium, soft), are adjustable. The armrests, headrests and backrests are adjustable, as well. All these ergonomic adjustments ensure high comfort for the driver and thereby reduce driver fatigue.

In what ways are the machine controls and layout innovative?

The cabin is equipped with pedals for acceleration and braking as well as an adjustable ergonomic steering wheel and a joystick on the right hand side for spreader operation. There is also an option for a second joystick for steering on the left hand side, which can be replaced by monkey-heads if preferred.

The human-machine interface (HMI/display) is operated via touchscreen and is within reach of the driver. The switches for lights, horn and wiper and so forth are easily reachable and don’t interfere with the external view, and a Bluetooth radio with hands-free phone equipment is also standard in the cabin.

What’s innovative about the HMI/display?

It is specially adjusted for the driver’s needs. They get all necessary information on the first screen; the HMI start page provides information about outreach, speed, load capacity and RPM, etc, and the rear view camera is also shown in a subframe to ensure safe driving.

What does the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) climate package offer?

HVAC is part of the standard package and can be operated via HMI touchscreen, with an automatic climate control also available.

How much storage has been provided?

There is adequate storage room in the cabin for documents and personal items like water bottles and food.

October 2, 2015  

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