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Following an early preview at this year’s ConExpo 2020, CrossControl has released its next generation product platform for displays and on-board computers.

The new platform uses i.MX8 application processors, a technology that already has made a major impact in the automotive industry and CrossControl is now taking it to the industrial vehicle markets. First out is the 7’’ display computer CCpilot V700, delivering the latest technology for Human-Machine interaction and on-board computing for industrial machines.

“The CCpilot V700 is designed to address challenges created by the rapid increases in software content in modern mobile machines,” says product line director Mats Kjellberg. The iMX8 core gives the display roughly 3 times the graphics processing performance compared to the many displays based on the common and older iMX6 core.

The V700 is a true ‘GUI experts’, supporting advanced graphics frameworks that make it possible to deliver dynamic and intuitive instrumentation and guidance functionality. It also supports new software frameworks that enable advanced operator assistance functionality like displaying multiple video streams, object recognition and augmented reality. With this support in the platform, such advanced functionality can be realized with limited programming effort. The platform also has inherent support for functional safety.

While offering support for advanced GUI functionality and application development, the V700 also includes the option to develop applications in CODESYS, a soft PLC which offers pre-packaged support for fieldbus management, control logics and visualisation.

The optically bonded display features an anti-glare coating and over 800 cd/m2 to provide true sunlight readability. The touch calibration allows the display to be used in any conditions and even enables interaction while the user is wearing work gloves.

With its vast software capabilities and state-of-the art hardware, the CCpilot V700 is a future ready platform for machine intelligence, enabling OEMs and System Suppliers to realise enhanced operator support systems and tools for improving machine productivity.

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