Toyota launches ‘forklift-less’ technology for warehouse


Toyota Material Handling Europe has launched a new space-saving shuttle solution that could replace forklifts for good. The new automated Autoshuttle and Radioshuttle pallet carriers travel within specialized Toyota racking structures and can utilize up to 80% of warehouse volume.

The high-density, aisle-free Autoshuttle system can store and retrieve goods up to 1,500kg quickly, safely and efficiently; and the Radioshuttle – available with the firm’s fleet management system – can move up to 1,800kg and, due to its lithium-ion batteries, can last for more than 16 hours.

A Toyota spokesperson said, “Both shuttles will boost productivity and cost-efficiency, especially in expensive environments such as cold stores.

“Shuttles will save time and cost as drivers will spend less time handling pallets, and trucks can be used more efficiently. It is also a flexible system compatible with FIFO and LIFO workflow, ideal for filling unused space above a shipping bay or creating a buffer storage over a picking tunnel.”

The Radioshuttle can be connected to the warehouse management system or work in combination with the automated Autopilot warehouse trucks from the company. Accompanying software for order processing, can track the exact location of all shuttles and goods to ensure efficient workflow by moving the shuttles just in time for the next order.

September 29, 2017

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