Maxam develops forestry tires


Specialty tire manufacturer, Maxam has added a forestry line to its range, named the MS931 LogXtra. Maxam claims that results from the development and performance validation phase of the tire indicate that its design components and construction show greater efficiency, durability and traction than the benchmark tires in this sector.

Forestry is a harsh working environment for tires, so the MS931 LogXtra has a steel belt stabilized construction along with heavy duty shoulder and sidewall in order to resist cuts, cracks, impacts and punctures.

Maxam’s engineering group has also developed a high-performance rubber compound specifically for the LogXtra tread, which is designed to maximize the tire’s resilience in the working environment. Particular concerns relating to forestry tires include bead-winding defects and mounting damage, which the team claim to have mitigated by implementing an enhanced bead-wrapping process.

Traction and flotation have also been addressed by an aggressive self-cleaning tread pattern that iMaxam says is deeper and wider than the industry standards.

The MS931 Logxtra tire is offered in five LS2 sizes and optional ply ratings

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