Otto introduces new Capacitive Touch switch


Otto, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of control switches, joysticks and grips, has released its new CS Capacitive Touch Switch designed to change output level with the presence of a finger or hand.

The New CS Series Capacitive Touch Sensor Switch is designed for applications where control functions are needed for an unobtrusive style. The switch changes output level with the presence of a finger or hand (gloved or ungloved) which makes it ideal for use as an on-off switch.

The switch sensing area can be a concave surface or a slightly raised surface. It can also be customised to accommodate surfaces of irregular shape. The CS is designed to be mounted in a panel, grip, armrest or other surface. The switch can be used as a single device or in combination with additional CS switches and controlled by software programming.

Another unique feature for the CS series is that it can be painted over and still function. This makes it ideal for customers who want to place their own pad printed icon or clear adhesive icons. The CS series comes standard sealed to IP68S.

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