Tyri launches new vehicle lights at Intermat Paris 2018


Tyri is showcasing its new generation of work lights at Intermat Paris for the first time. The INTELLi light system is an advanced lighting suite for use in and around off-highway machines. It’s wireless, scalable, future-proof and has an anti-theft function.

INTELLi light is a system that uses new Bluetooth technology to communicate wirelessly and is controlled, both automatically by lights sensors and manually by remote. Its innovative design means work lights can be organised into four groups and programmed to behave in a way that suits the operator and their colleagues on the ground. The number of lights is unlimited and can be set at the correct brightness, have one group of work lights on whilst others are switched off.

By adding Tyri’s Senso device to the setup, the INTELLi light system can optimize the operators work environment. Senso registers incoming light and can automatically dim the cabin lights to avoid the operator being dazzled by reflections from objects, such as the machine bucket. Senso can also automatically dim down groups when another vehicle is close by and brighten when the vehicle has passed, to make a safe and more efficient working environment.

The remote function keeps operators safe when they approach or leave their vehicle, by letting them control the lights from both inside the cabin and around the machine. With the additional remote control supplied, ground personnel outside the machine will be able to influence the work lights, such as dim down too dazzling lights.

INTELLi light is future-proof, which means that the system will be developed with future software and functionality and can adapt to user needs without having to be replaced.

The anti-theft function ensures that the INTELLi light system can only be used on devices with the same unique ID, which makes the individual devices unusable in other INTELLi light systems. Likewise, purchased systems cannot be controlled or operated with other remote controls or 1010 lights and sensors.

“This system also opens up new user capabilities for both operators and OEMs,” says Tyri’s global R&D director Christian Wadell.

Tyri also launched new versions of their popular 1323 (left) and 1313 work lights with an even higher lumen rating. The 1323 is now available with a lumen value of 16500 eLumens and the 1313 is now available with a top rating of 8000 eLumens. Making the light one of the most powerful work lights on the market today.

Rounding off the new announcements in Paris was the launch of Tyri’s HL: Compact. This powerful ECE approved headlight is the first in a brand-new range of lighting. It’s a space efficient LED headlight, specifically designed to be installed on slow-moving machines. As an industry first, the HL: Compact has an innovative design that allows the light to be mounted at an increased height compared with conventional headlights, whilst delivering a useable light spread to the ground in front of the machine. It is an attractive drop in replacement for old halogen headlights on wheeled excavators, terminal tractors, wheel loaders and dump trucks. It also offers unique functions such as a Daytime Running Light.

“The HL: Compact demonstrates our ability to develop cutting-edge lighting technology and to deliver the very best in both performance and sustainability,” says Wadell.

The HL: Compact’s Daytime Running light function allows the vehicle to be seen during daytime operations, increasing safety and awareness for other road users. The operator can enable or disable this feature to their requirements. It conforms to ECE R112, ECE R87 DRL, ECE R7 and ECE R10 and has been rigorously tested for vibration in laboratory conditions to withstand 10 G between 5-2000hZ and 50 G shock in all 3 axes. Tyri has also subjected the headlight to IP69K standards to ensure water or dust ingress does not effect the performance and function of the light and salt spray ASTMB117 standards to ensure protection against corrosion. This simulates the conditions of off road usage and ensures the headlight will perform, even in the harshest of environments, during the life of the machine. The HL: Compact has a polycarbonate lens which has been plasma treated to create a hard-coating; this protects against scratches and damage which can occur in challenging terrain.

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